As Bobots desperately try to get Hillary supporters to stay put for this guy

one of their talking points is that Palin dissed Hillary saying that she “whined”. It’s of course not true.

here is the entire text in question – plus the link to the 2 videos:

First video

Second video

” I think fair or unfair, and I do think it is a more concentrated criticism that Hillary gets on so many fronts. That’s unfortunate, but fair or unfair I think she does herself a disservice to even mention it. You got to plow through that. You have to know what your getting into. Which I say this with all due respect to Hillary Clinton and to her experience and to her passion for changing the status quo, but when I hear a statement like that coming from any woman candidate with any kind of a perceived whine about that excess criticism or a sharper microscope put on her that doesn’t do us any good.

Women in politics, women in general wanting to progress this country. I don’t think it bodes well for her because a statement like that, again fair or unfair it is a reality, and I think it’s a given. I think people just accept that she is going to be under that sharper microscope. So be it, you have to work harder. Prove yourself to an even greater degree that you’re capable, that you’re going to be the best candidate and that of course is what she wants us to believe at this point. It bothers me a little bit to hear of her bringing that attention to herself.”

Second part of the interview
“I recognize that Hillary seems to be trying real hard to be tough. But..I say more power to her, I think she had to do that! Unfortunate that she’s had to do that. But, she comes across to me as tough, capable, I can respect that in her that she is this tough, capable, and experienced. You wonder though if there is another side to her that is I don’t know softer, softer isn’t the right word. You wonder about the personality. You know what’s the other side like? What I have perceived from watching Main Stream media is she’s trying really hard to be tough and to show that resume and to prove she’s got the experience. That’s been the latest round of everything last week, experience.As you’ve said it’s gone round and round as to what the message has been in the campaign, but it does come back to the experience. I recognize that’s what she’s trying to do and that it’s unfortunate again that maybe a woman candidate feels that they have to go there…(question did you ever feel like you had to go there?)no you know and back to Hillary again.”