yesterday I spent a lot of time on forums and blogs arguing for Sarah Palin.

Mind you, I am not even sure that i will vote that ticket, but the sudden concerns were – either from trolls or from our people letting the trolls get to them.

Let’s recap the context here: 2 days ago we got the biggest FU from the democratic Party.

Now, the other side is courting our vote. far from me to urge anyone to fall for it – it’s your vote, consider everything. But the last thing I expected was from a large number of women to cling to Roe vs Wade at this point: but she is anti-choice!

Duh! She is a Republican. it’s the other guys remember? We had a candidate who was championing our issues on our side – the Obamacrats cheated her (and us) of her won majority voters.

So, we don’t have a candidate. What we have is some power to sway this election.

And I’ll remind everyone what obama’s surrogates in the media let out:

The SCOTUS, Roe v. Wade and women’s issues was the BO campaigns “ace in the hole” according to Chuck Todd from MSNBO network. The BO spokesperson told Todd that they would use any means necessary to beat Hillary and if women were offended, they would come back to the party during the GE because their plan was to “play the Roe v. Wade card.” THAT is a direct quote from the BO campaign via Todd.

It was planned. Ahead of time. To manipulate us. And now we have Oborg trolls all over the place executing this vert talking point: but, but, Rooooe!

In the spirit of “Only Nixon could go to China” I believe that “Only Obama will gut Roe” – basing my worry on this.

Besides, aren’t we the old hags? Shouldn’t the fight for Roe be up to Obama Girl & pals now?

Seriously, what I am saying is hardly “Vote McCain”.

For your options for the future, make sure you check PUMA PAC

What I am saying: time to celebrate! Feel your power. Just enjoy the moment. Don’t let THEM spoil it. Whatever your decision for your vote, yesterday McCain gave us something we haven’t gotten in a long time:


Enjoy it!

update with Ferraro’s comments


this is from a letter sent out by Boxer  presuming to speak for us

If John McCain thought that choosing Sarah Palin would attract Hillary Clinton voters, he is badly mistaken.

The only similarity between her and Hillary Clinton is that they are both women. On the issues, they could not be further apart.

Senator McCain had so many other options if he wanted to put a woman on his ticket, such as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison or Senator Olympia Snowe — they would have been an appropriate choice compared to this dangerous choice.

In addition, Sarah Palin is under investigation by the Alaska state legislature which makes this more incomprehensible.

I’ll grant Barbara the issues difference – the one valid argument she made in this message.

Too bad she drowns it in the troopergate 2 (abusive husbands rule!) they try to hang by her neck.

Add to that the new sexism rising in the media and Oborg and I feel that some day I may once again make the jump from defender to supporter – the way I did with Hillary.

Issues be damned – i am an irrational, emotional woman . So, I might get to the point where I’ll take up samanthasmom’scomment :

Sarah Palin ‘08 (oh, and John what’s his name, too)

I already incorporated it in my forum signature at Capital Hill

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Sarah Palin ‘08 (oh, and John what’s his name, too)
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and a PUMA reports from Dayton

Introduces Sarah by talking about what a Washington outsider she is, and how she will challenge earmarks and pork barrells. (Clear jab at Obama.)

Out comes Sarah with her family. Older girls carrying the baby. The (mostly pro-life) crowd goes wild.

She gave an address that was very self effacing. Humble. Proud to be serving with John. John is the best. Etc……

Introduces her hubby who is a union fisherman. The kids were BEAUTIFUL. Long dark hair on the girls. They look like their mom without the updo.

We listened to her in awe as she talked about suffrage, gave kudos to Geraldine and Hillary. The most remarkable reference was to the 18, 000,000 cracks in the glass ceiling… that she intends, now, to break. Lots of tears from women around me.

Sarah is articulate without fan fare. Totally the opposite of the flowery Obama or bombastic Biden.