puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter

I still have in my home 2 rolls of orange ribbon. I bought them in december 2000 to distribute to protesters of the stolen election. I wore them myself, I made several and started giving them away during the Jesse Jackson Count Every Vote protest downtown.

Then Al Gore told everyone to go home – trust the law to prevail, this is a legal matter.

I didn’t go home – I was still out there, protesting, giving out leaflets. But Gore’s sabotage made me talk to people who already had a ribbon.

Skip 2004 – Kerry has no time to cry in his tea cup, fast forward to 2008.

The outrage of RBC, the slap in the face of the mock roll call – and I am back where I started.

And PUMAPac with its flawless instincts picked up the orange ribbon – my illustration is lifted from them

It’s the color they chose for the Denver protest

and the color that Hillary wore when talking to the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit.

And now, i’ll pick my old ribbon roll, gathering dust for 8 years next to my flower pots, and start cutting pieces to give away to PUMAs. Consistency pays sometimes!

I remember Woody Allen’s “Zelig”‘s father’s last words were “save string”. I seem to have done pretty well with my ownΒ  saving ribbon!

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter