Tommy Christopher makes n a* of himself by stalking the PUMAs under the pretense of trying to interview Darragh. Someone posted these links at PUMAPac the other day and I just got around to seeing them

Has anyone seen these videos of when Tommy Christopher tried to infiltrate the PUMA Denver HQ’s looking for Darragh?

Watch Tommy getting in the PUMA den with a hidden camera while claiming he wants to be fair and straight.

I was glad to get a glimpse of you guys – and every word you said was great.. If anyone comes up badly out of this little adventure is the guy ho keeps repeating: “I don’t want to burn you guys”

No, Tommy, you burned yourself. I don’t think any PUMA should speak to this guy after this stunt.

If this passes as “investigative reporting” with B0bots. you’re in trouble – as all you uncover is your own ineptitude.

One of the comments at you tube – from angrynana01:

Mr. Christopher seems to be a closet stalker. People, be very afraid. In my heart I feel he is dangerous and should be avoided. Maybe it’s the kool-aid. Maybe he is like Matthews and has such a tingling that his better judgement has been overtaken.

Update with the discussion on No We won’t – all those involved _ Brad, Sherry, RD recounted the events and yes, there’s footage from Brad to come.