I am still not supporting any candidate yet – but I have to bow to the brilliance of the move!

Democrats tell women to shut up – their votes are not even counted in a real roll call.

But on the other side, the guy who already had women in higher position and was paying them better – has a woman VP!  her debates with Mr “Anita Hill was nuts” ought to be a hoot!

here’s Joe again

There is absolutely not one shred of evidence to suggest that Professor Hill is fantasizing, not one shred of evidence to suggest that Professor Hill isn’t and has not been in total control of all her faculties. There is no shred of evidence for the garbage that I hear — not on this floor — but I’ve heard in the newscast floating around that somehow she really is telling — that she thinks she’s telling the truth. The only answer we can come up with is she must be fantasizing. 

and here’s Obama

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Game over!

For added enjoyment here’s Arabela Trefoil’s comment at Confluence

Pelosi is now trying to convince Cheney and Bush to go into the hospital for minor elective surgery that requires anesthesia.

Then she’ll be the first woman president for a day!

And I got into the Capital Hill poertry contest and came up with a limerick for this

Joe and Jill
went up to Hill
To say that she was a nut
John got Sarah
and now the rah-rah
is that it is tit for tat

Long live identity politics! Who’s got the winning coalition now?

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