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I want it to go on and on and on…”

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Thanks to fif over at the Confluence for relaying the view from the Orange Cheeto (formerly member of the reality based community, remember?)

I had gone to sleep early last night so I am reading live blogging and reactions to the most overblown event in recent history. I won’t even try to check MSM  for reactions – I want to know what my fellow PUMAs thought.

So, will I pick and chose what I want to hear? You better believe! Just like everyone else.

So this is the dialogue going on at the Confluence

The speech tanked. Even MSNBC couldn’t help but focus on a handful of close ups of terribly bored and tired people. The length of exposure to Obama does backfire. That’s why he doesn’t want many debates. SaraG

and dee ads

What a yawn. Obama should have just put up a big pic of Hillary – pointed at it and said “What she said but lighter. Thanks for coming. ”

As for hospital visits – I have been able to visit my partner in the hospital all my life. I don’t need a hall pass. What an idiot.


Not just copies from Hill, but also from Bill. The bits on TL that were quoted were straight from Bill’s speech, nearly word for word, and everyone was all loopy about how brilliant they were.

CB felt the same

What a dud of a speech. I expected it to at least come close to the Clintons’
speeches. It sounded like he had been watching a lot of Bill’s State of
the Union speeches and copied those (when he wasn’t channeling Hilary) and thought this would make him sound more

Of course, at the start he had to mention the Clintons. After trashing
their reputations to get 90% of the black vote and to “appall” the pseudo-liberal ignoramuses, he realized he “desperately” needs them.

The huge staging made him look puny. Big mistake. He is truly a gift to the

And SophieL summs it up

My take away line for the night:
“If you don’t have a record to run on, you paint your opponent as someone to run from”

Katiebird makes a point re: the size of the crowd

I saw McGovern at Union Station in Kansas City in the Fall of ‘72. It was packed and exciting. And he lost on both sides of the state line a couple of weeks later.

Crowds aren’t indicators of elections.

fashion comment from wry

Did anyone notice Barky’s not dressing as a cross between the Fruits of Islam and The Matrix any more?

He’s wearing red rep ties and even an occasional light colored suit.

Just saying.

And a comment on the visuals from parentofed

I muted the Spectacle, but mostly I saw people taking camera shots of themselves and other people. See how cool I am? You’re cool, too, since we’re both here.

Reminds me of the Kid when she went to her High School Homecoming dance as a freshman, and went all over town dressed up, then got pics made, then went out to eat, then….went to the dance, which was very cool and everybody was there.

But, then she grew up.

Heidi Li also remarks on lifting Hillary’s speeches

It is stunning. It is audacious. It lifts word-for-word and paragraph-by-paragraph from Senator Clinton’s stump speech. When Senator Clinton is not being quoted directly (without attribution), almost every idea Senator Clinton advanced during her campaign.

Moving to PUMAPac blog

Dem for Hillary watches the video before the speech and comments


some news on Tweety

BarbNOBO on 08.28.08 at 10:16 pm ALERT, ALERT!! Chris Matthews has just passed out…the tingling has gone from his leg all the way up to his brain…Dr.s don’t think he will ever recover!!

Chris Mathews has trouble getting into his toga . . . what with the tingling in his leg.

Aloha wonders

I wonder if there will be fireworks. Perhaps the set will divide in half and water will shoot out as the stage raises accompanied by the music of “Thriller”.

mpdamon remarks

OK . . . now he’s talking about MLK.
I was there and it irritates me no end when people use that occasion for their own purposes.

mpdamon – I agree. I wasn’t there, but Obama said he was not that invested in the fights of the 60 and the 70s. He even agreed with St Ronnie and called them “excesses”. For that reason, I too am personally offended by the hypocrisy.

headclunker thinks

If you are watching the BO Show, notice the audience. No kind of cheers like for Hillary or Bill Clinton. It is not there. Those people came for the bands and the party (not political).

We do not understand. He is going to change Washington. He is New.

Now he is getting milage out of MLK. He must be rolling over in his grave to have his memory used at BO’s Temple for his aggrandizement.

And while I was warned Talk Left has been overpowered by Obots and  BTD’s entry is gushing, I went to fish in for the occasional good stuff – scarce tonight


It’s About Me!It’s not about Hillary, it’s not about Bill, it’s not about McCain, it’s not about Osama Bin Laden, it’s not about Barack Obama. It’s about me. ME! ME! ME! And you.

Moving over to Capital Hill Forum – which had a toga party

Lady VT

He was not his usual speaking self. He tried the MLK/Hitler blend of cadence he’s used in the past, but he just sounded like he was yelling. I had to turn down the sound. The audience parroted back a few of his words. “Eight is enough,” for instance. He downplayed the MLK anniversary, apparently on the advice of his advisers. Apparently, he designed the stage before he went to Berlin, and had planned to have a soaring grandiose speech at that time, but his advisers advised him against that.

He gave a typical Dem speech, the opponent is bad (so much for new politics)–he hit on McCain too hard said some, it undermines what he’s said he stands for. He gave a zillion things he’ll do as POTUS, so many that you can’t help wondering if he thinks he is God. Much less cheering tonight. At the end they all cheered like mad dogs, but MO and Pelosi and Biden and his wife’s faces were all very tense I thought. It was a bit better than Biden’s speech, not much.

Moo thought:

The speech did not deliver what Barky promised and the nervous DNC insisted on – the fleshing out of ‘change’. Barky crafted his speech out of stump snippets, platitudes, and anecdotes. Nothing exciting. Nothing out of the ordinary other than he is the first bi-racial candidate to be nominated.

Ldy VT recounts a commentary on Larry King:

On Larry King, a Repub said the question is whether or not BO is really ready to lead: Is someone standing on a faux Greek stage, like Brittney Spears at a rock concert in front of 80,000 screaming people, ready to assume the gravity of the office of President of the United States and to represent us on the world stage? I don’t think so.

and susann doesn’t mince words

It is the worst piece of shit speech, badly delivered to boot, that I have ever heard in my entire goddamned life

mojomojomojo quips:

He wore a Flag Pin and had a COUNTRY WESTERN SONG!!!
He just might win me over with that kind of campaigning.

and Jamastiene thinks

That speech was so long, scientists have now had to completely rewrite their global warming time frame modeling algorithms to make up for the amount of air pollution out of his mouth. An entire fleet of hot air balloons could have been powered by that dull boring laboriously long speech. Now, I know what BO stands for: it’s short for Boooooooooo!

Back at the No Quarter the Susan UNPC reprises the copycat from Hillary theme

Obama delivered his version of Hillary Clinton’s stump speech

But some NQ posters think she is pushing them to Obama for some time? Didn’t see it myself

Catherine said

A speech will never be a resume of leadership experience and Obama just does NOT have the resume. Sorry.

Karen Anderson thought

Interesting they played country music after Obama’s speech, not Stevie Wonder. Trying to go after white working class voters perhaps? I found the speech flat and uninspiring. Sorry, it’s not because I’m biased against the candidate (which I am, but I sincerely tried to overlook thatO, it’s because I was so inspired by Hillary’s masterpiece of a barn burner, Bill’s mesmerizing appeal to voters, and Al Gore’s very substantial speech earlier today. Obama recitation of talking points was frankly, a bit boring.

Trixta thinks

The Clinton’s were generous to Barack in outlining core Democratic values and issues. They handed him the road map to victory, and it was up to him to take it. I’m glad to hear he did to some extent. Now, if he could only demonstrate that he actually believes in these core values and issues, he might increase his poll numbers.

Mr Mike noticed

I listened a bit on the way home. Obama flubbed it a few times when the cheers of his devotees caused him to lose his place reading off the teleprompter.

Annie O notice the Hollywood inspiration

Another commentator also noted that Obama’s line — “It’s not that John McCain doesn’t care, it’s that he doesn’t get it.” — was exceptional.

Someone already pointed out in an earlier post that this was the Bob Rumsfeld quote from the movie American President. ( President Shepard makes this statement about Bob Rumsfeld.)

Jim S explains why

Axlerod is a huge movie fan. Not for the films themselves, but for the script. If you read the transcript of Obama’s speeches you’ll find lines from different films. Example: “together we can!”, from the Duval Patrick campaign came from “The Matrix”. Axlerod figured it worked for Patrick so he changed it a little and we got “yes we can!”.

Bitterpoliticz has a hysterical send-off of the speech as the entry

ainnj quips:

To a role model to my children.

yes obarky, your sweet little girls can grow up and be just like Hillary, have misogynistic swine members of their own party and the msm treat them like GARBAGE and they too can run for president, be the most qualified candidate and be run off because they don’t have a penis!

Joya thinks:

1) i’m watching (trying not to puke) and no sight of oprah or hillary, but they did say oprah is there and is wearing sunglasses with the word “obama” encrusted with diamonds on the side

2) *61 bores me to tears too like someone else said. i’ve never been able to hear his words, he’s just too lulling. his cadence turns me off, and it all sounds like a snowjob

3) the eight is enough thing is the stupidest attempt for him to all of a sudden show he has a sense of humor like hill

i think this guy has a lot of barky and no bite

anniet also notices the Clinton wannabe

From what I am reading it sounds like he is trying to be like Bill Clinton, wtf, i thought he was supposed to be John Kennedy. Can’t he keep his roles straight.

epicurius lets us know Campbell Brown deviates from cheerleading a bit

The idiot Campbell Brown – her best line about BO’s spectacle “it went a little long, it started to feel like a half-time at the superbowl.”

At Capital Hil vireo tells us that

Greta asked Juan Williams for a memorable line from the speech and he admitted that there was none.

Oh, there’s more, but people are waking up and my garden needs watering. So, to the cheeto that offered me the headline on this: your worst fear is here, buddy. It’s

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