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As a result of what went on during this election, I have no candidate.

I have no party.

I have issues I hold dear.

PUMAPac program suits me fine:

and I welcome the clarifications as well

Starting with voting rights then

Our platform is the Democratic Platform — you know, the REAL one, that Hillary Clinton would have put into effect:

Healthcare for Every American
Equal Rights
Good Public Schools
Workers’ Protections
Fair Immigration Policy
Civil Rights
Responsible foreign policy
Reproductive rights

Very happy anout thispart

t is true however that we are under pressure to now “Get Behind McCain.” My inbox is FULL of requests from Republican campaign people asking me to use this blog to push McCain’s message, and to ACTIVELY campaign for him.

Let me be clear about that:

That being said, i will have to figure out the best strategy to make sure B0 loses.

I will of course cast a vote for POTUS in November. Who that vote will be for is going to be determined by the realities to come. I’d like it to be Cynthia McKinney as of now.

But I support no one – and whomever gets my vote is NOT MY candidate. I do not anticipate this part of it to change.

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