Famous last words from Pelosi – encapsulating the fix. Thank you Bandy at PUMApac blog for recounting this

Hey, did anyone notice during that sham of a role-call vote earlier today – that when Nancy Pelosi said at the end, “All in favor”?…”All opposed”?… She did NOT even pause for a second after the “all opposed”! She just plowed right through to say “Ok, it’s all done then” (or something similar). Guess she was too scared of the “opposed” yell-outs she would have received if she paused long enough to allow anyone to actually respond! After all, that wouldn’t show unity, and it would wrecked their carefully calculated/manipulated plans to make sure B.O. was the nominee!

I remember us jumping – then it was almost buried in the onslaught of emotions. Thank you Bandi for consigning this to memory. That one moment encapsulated the entire primary.

The only time I runed in again was to try to hear Bill Clinton – couldn’t stand  to. But before he spoke, there was a very appropriate song playing in the hall:

Chain of Fools