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Now it can be told – by NY Post (which boosted Obama and was part of the chorus)

But Kirsten Powers is credible – and the facts are right and we need to keep the truth safe.

The backdrop was constant carping that Hillary hasn’t done enough for the candidate she lost the primary to.

Never mind that she has behaved immeasurably better than losing candidates before her who’d won far less support than she did.

It’s easy to get confused about this, since so many in the anti-Hillary media who hysterically demanded her exit from the race have conveniently edited out from history anything that doesn’t fit into their nonsense narrative, as if her campaign invented party discord”

Going over the “outrage” because she waited 5 whole days to concede :

When Kennedy finally did concede, it was barely distinguishable from a temper tantrum. CBS’s Walter Cronkite reported, “Kennedy leaves the stand, sober, unsmiling. There will be no pictures in tomorrow morning’s paper, and none for posterity, of Ted Kennedy holding Jimmy Carter’s hand aloft.”

Clinton, by contrast, was harassed by media to drop out even as she was winning major states and running neck-and-neck with Obama in the popular vote.

and most importantly

Obama supporters and party leaders continue to insult Hillary voters – and then seem shocked when so many of them say they’re going to vote Republican this year.

Nancy Pelosi, underscoring why Congress under her leadership has an approval rating teetering on single digits, lectured female Hillary supporters in an interview this week – telling them to not wallow in defeat. Said the multimillionairess daughter of privilege: “I think that women, we have to get away from the politics of victim. This is about you go out there and you fight.”

Thanks, Nancy. I’m sure all the working-class women who supported Hillary didn’t realize that the real problem is they need to get off their butts and “go out there and fight.” But now they know that being disappointed that their candidate didn’t win – an emotion plenty of men like, say, Ted Kennedy supporters in 1980 have experienced – is actually just being a whiny “victim.”

OK, Nancy – I will take your advice. I will fight. You and the other corrupt cronies that destroyed this party. No victim here dear. PUMA!

And thank you Ricky for sending this article out. Your letters are always a guiding light in the storm.

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter