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As a result of what went on during this election, I have no candidate.

I have no party.

I have issues I hold dear.

PUMAPac program suits me fine:

and I welcome the clarifications as well

Starting with voting rights then

Our platform is the Democratic Platform — you know, the REAL one, that Hillary Clinton would have put into effect:

Healthcare for Every American
Equal Rights
Good Public Schools
Workers’ Protections
Fair Immigration Policy
Civil Rights
Responsible foreign policy
Reproductive rights

Very happy anout thispart

t is true however that we are under pressure to now “Get Behind McCain.” My inbox is FULL of requests from Republican campaign people asking me to use this blog to push McCain’s message, and to ACTIVELY campaign for him.

Let me be clear about that:

That being said, i will have to figure out the best strategy to make sure B0 loses.

I will of course cast a vote for POTUS in November. Who that vote will be for is going to be determined by the realities to come. I’d like it to be Cynthia McKinney as of now.

But I support no one – and whomever gets my vote is NOT MY candidate. I do not anticipate this part of it to change.

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Politico has this half puff piece/half backhanded compliment piece

The first is Obama’s own preternatural self-assurance. It is a seemingly imperturbable belief in his own rhetorical and intellectual gifts.

The second is the willingness of Democrats to invest in a particular notion of the presidency — that it is an inspirational office more than an administrative one, one that rewards the skills of the preacher more than those of the policy expert or legislative tactician.

These engines each have produced their own powerful backdrafts: Obama’s poise, to the eyes of skeptics, can too often curdle into arrogance.

I remember W never doubted himself or admitted a mistake either. And here’s Jr.Jr

In July, Obama smiled and offered a one-word answer when asked during a CBS interview whether he ever had doubts about his foreign policy experience: “Never.”

Others notice:

By the end of Obama’s overseas trip last summer, which featured an adoring crowd of 200,000 in Berlin, an Obama sticker affixed to the wall of the campaign plane’s media cabin had been defaced: “Worship me,” it read, under a drawing of his face. (Someone has since tried to scrub the sticker clean.)

Lots of  puffery including buying B0’s craven propaganda

He can show humility, asking God in a note he pressed into the Western Wall in Jerusalem to “help me guard against pride,”

If that was humility, he wouldn’t have made it sure it gets sent to lots of newspapers while the video was being used by the campaign as a fundraiser…

Shades of the photo of W flying above the 9.11 disaster , talking on the phone. Only crasser.

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so writes WaPo B0bot under the pretense of admiring Bill

If Bill Clinton’s speech does not convince the Hillary holdouts to fall in line, if his compelling case against four more years of Republican rule doesn’t kill the P.U.M.A (Party Unity My A**) contingent, then the Democratic Party better get set to salute President McCain.

Hey, you know what? I agree with it all (but easy on the “fall in line” bit). Bill is great! And PUMA will help MCain win. See? We can all get along!

Oh, and Brent Budowski thinks we don’t exist

The PUMAs are nothing but a fraud who speak for no one except a handful of people and Republicans who support them, promote them, and try to sell them to the press as they once sold Mr. Chalabi as the future of Iraqi democracy and once sold Jack Abramoff as the go-to power guy in Washington.

It is fraud, it is a sham, it is a myth — and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Me thinks he doth protest too much…But , whatever gets you though the night

And, here’s PUMA not existing

Some Clinton Donors Are Contributing to McCain

Dozens of Prominent Fundraisers Have Donated over $200,000 in Last Few Months

That speech was amazing, but it’s not going to change my mind,” one Texas donor, who gave $2,300 to Clinton earlier this year and contributed $2,300 to McCain last month, told “I talk to plenty of people like me who just won’t accept an unqualified president.”

Mythical PUMSs being “interviewed by B0bot

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Rasmussen puts yesterday’s debacle in numbers:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows hints of a modest convention bounce building for Barack Obama. The Democrat gained a point from yesterday and now attracts 45% of the vote nationwide while John McCain earns 44%.

Of course, unless you poll leaners in which case…not so much

When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 47% and McCain 47%

Oh, well, you tried……

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One of my favorite writers, Froma Harrop writes at RCP:

describing Hillary’s speech she notes:

To her diehard supporters who have yet to come home to Obama, she said: “I want you to ask yourselves. Were you in the campaign just for me?”

That’s the giveaway line, because for Hillary’s angry backers, the issue is no longer what was done to her. It was about what was done to them.

and she gives PUMA a shout out:

I spent the morning at the Denver headquarters of PUMA PAC, perhaps the best known of the anti-Obama Democratic groups

Darragh and Maryland PUMA are quoted.

“What will your members do when Hillary tells them to vote for Obama?” I asked Murphy.

“They will not vote for Obama,” she replied. “I can tell you that.”

Whether they will vote for John McCain is another matter. Murphy herself has not decided what she’ll do in November.

PUMA spokeswoman Shannon Rains is closer to going over to McCain. “I’ve been voting for 20 years,” the 39-year-old from Salisbury, Md., told me. “I’ve never ever looked at a Republican candidate. I am now.”

Then Froma shares a profound insight:

The Democrats clearly have a hooligan problem. It was as though their left-wingers suffered a kind of Karl Rove envy. They wanted to go on the attack, demonize a Clinton and hurl abuse at the Clinton’s friends. Only a year ago, Vanity Fair ran a cover story on how Clinton hatred had infected much of the right wing. The left seems to have grabbed the baton. And it apparently did not dawn on the Obama shock troops that they were offending the very people their man might someday need.

The Rovian right never made that mistake with non-candidates. It reserved its thuggery for people who would never vote for a Republican.

I remember madamab making this very point in one of her plays

ROVE (scornfully): And you believed me, didn’t you? Good God, no wonder you’ve lost so many elections, Donna. What kind of an idiotic strategy is that? You’ve let your most reliable voters become completely disenchanted with their Party. That’s something we Republicans would never do. We’re smart enough to disrespect our voters behind their backs, so they won’t find out how much we despise them! Election 101, Donna. When will you liberal elitists ever learn?

Which is why the GOP is “The Scary party” and the Dems “The Stupid party”

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