bring on the choir, the God is here! He will descend from his temple in Olympus to speak to us, mortals!

Reuters reports that the Triumph of the Willie free concert-cum-speech

will be delivered from an elaborate columned stage resembling a miniature Greek temple.

The metaphor gets somewhat mixed

Some 80,000 supporters will see Obama appear from between plywood columns painted off-white, reminiscent of Washington’s Capitol building or even the White House, to accept the party’s nomination for president.

OK, McCain, the jokes write themselves.Β  have fun!

Before you do, I’ll go with Spinal Tap

There it is the Temple of Narcissus:

But wait, there’s more! A replica of AF1 is there too!

Enlarge Obama

Presidential image: A full-scale replica of Air Force One fuselage arrives at Invesco Field before Mr Obama speaks

Someone seems to be obsessed with the symbols of the job more than the work it entails! reminde me of W and his Oval Office rug he was so obsessed with.

Will he parachute like Mushun Accomplished W?