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Someone from the state party thanked for my past support and asked me to team together to support the party candidate for POTUS…

that’s when I exploded:

Support your candidate? ha!ha!ha! i’ll be happy to see him CREAMED by McCain! You fixed the election for that candidate – once the RBC stole Clinton delegates – I left your sorry party! It’s done and finished – i can’t wait to see it humiliated in November…Obama is already sinking in polls – it will be an epic defeat!

How dare they ignore Bill Clinton’s achievements at the convention? Who gave Ted Kennedy a torch to pass on? Last time I remember he had a dead woman on his record, not a torch. How dare they imply nothing happened between JFK and present day? All the people who remember 8 years of peace and prosperity will vote McCain. I am a PUMA and will not return o this party until is fixed. Not until the likes of Brazile, Dean and Pelosi are kicked out will I be a Democrat again. You’re history!

And then I hang up.

What were they thinking? That Hillary’s speech made it all all right for them to call New Yorkers? Thay we all became pod people over night???

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter