Update of September 3

WaPo has the consequences:

Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) on Friday sent the center a letter saying he was “troubled” by recent news reports about the hospital’s efforts to steer patients with non-urgent complaints away from the center’ emergency room to local clinics. Michelle Obama was a key figure behind the initiative.

Washington Post reports on Michelle’s efforts to keep the unwashed masses from HER world:

One of Michelle Obama’s signature efforts has been working to relieve crowding in the emergency room, the second-busiest in Chicago. It logs 80,000 visits a year.

Backed by a federal grant, Michelle Obama in 2005 launched the South Side Health Collaborative, under which counselors advise patients with noncritical needs that they can receive care elsewhere at a reduced cost

The hospital report quotes Michelle Obama as saying, “The world is seeping in, and our salvation will be the success of our partners” at local clinics

Some see through the BS:

Edward Novak, president of Chicago’s Sacred Heart Hospital, declined to discuss the center’s initiative in particular but dismissed as “bull” attempts to justify such programs as good for patients. “What they’re really saying is, ‘Don’t use our emergency room because it will cost us money, and we don’t want the public-aid population,‘ ” Novak said.

So, you see, boys and girls, having these people signing on health programs….will be good for you! trust us! Michelle says so!

So, I finally get the meaning of GOMER – Get Out of My Emergency Room. Michelle is the one related to Cheney, right? God forbid the world seeps in THEIR bubble!