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FOX just reported that in A FULL ROLL CALL ALL STATES WILL BE CALLED PUBLICLY! They say the Obama camp realized to do anything less will not help the party!

This open roll call begins at 5:00 EASTERN, 3:00 MOUNTAIN time (local to Denver).

But Denver Post reports

Delegates voting at hotels

Some delegates were confused because Sen. Clinton was not expected to release her delegates until the afternoon.

“It doesn’t make any sense to me,” said Mary Sullivan, a Clinton delegate from Albany, N.Y. “I’m gonna vote for Hillary. I’m a Clinton delegate and she hasn’t released me yet.”

Clinton is expected to address delegates this afternoon.

along with the no longer surprising:

Sullivan said she had been startled by the hostility toward Clinton on the part of some Obama supporters.

“The Obama people act like they lost,” she said. “There’s no need for it … . It’s over. It’s been over. We all knew it, but some of us haven’t given up the ghost yet.”

And they arw justifiable concerned about the accuracy of the count

Some of the Clinton supporters in the delegation raised questions about how the process would work and said they wanted an observer there to ensure that the ballots were counted accurately.

“I think it sucks,” said Blanche Darley, a Clinton delegate from El Paso.

Today’s convention schedule

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (LOCAL)
The Honorable Bill Clinton
Former President of the United States

Beth Robinson
Stay-at-home mom from Hampton Roads, Virginia

The Honorable John Kerry
US Senator, Massachusetts

What???? kerry follows Clinton? Last one to turn off the TV, get the lights too!

WaPo writes about the remaining divisions

Clinton said Tuesday night that it is Obama’s convention. But many of her supporters came here exclusively to honor her. One group traveled from New York and built an impromptu museum commemorating Clinton’s historic campaign. Another lighted thousands of candles in a park to symbolize her widespread support.

On Tuesday morning, hundreds of loyalists formed a 200-yard parade and marched through downtown. They shouted into loudspeakers and beat drums, creating a cacophony that echoed across the blocks. As they began marching, some of the supporters chanted, “We want a roll call.” Many of them wore their opinions on T-shirts: Country Over Party. Damn, We Wish You Were President. Still Making History. Democrats Left Behind.

At the front of the parade route, one banner summarized their message: Hillary. Who Else?

The most recent Washington PostABC News poll showed that only 42 percent of Clinton voters classify themselves as “solidly behind” Obama, and that 20 percent plan to vote for McCain. But in Denver, Clinton supporters sometimes classified themselves as belonging to one of two categories: the sad and the angry.

Rahm Emanuel finds a way to play the race card again – the ol projection game

“They got it through customs,” Emanuel said, claiming Republicans had raised the race issue under the guise of indignation, as they have done in the past.

Nice try. But the reason everyone believed McCain is because Obama did it to the Clintons first.

Bob Menenedez declines speaking at the convention

Sen. Bob Menendez declined an invitation for a coveted speaking role at the Democratic National Convention because of lingering hard feelings between him and Barack Obama’s camp, according to political and convention officials. Menendez was offered a pre-prime-time speech, which would have been the New Jersey delegation’s only shot at the Pepsi Center podium. But the deal was never closed

and makes a common sense remark that could shell shock some in these shallow times:

“You know, the thing is: speaking is not important. Winning is,” Menendez said. “Speaking is a moment in time; winning is a moment in history.”

Leaning to talk without teleprompter

According to several Democrat political consultants presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama spent part of his Hawaiian vacation working on weaning himself from a heavy dependence on teleprompters. Even in what are staged as “town hall” events for Obama, remarks are scripted or formatted into bullet points that scroll on teleprompter screens. Obama has had several embarrassing events where the teleprompter either malfunctioned or the screens were not fully visible.

Michelle caught being herself

She was glaring at Hillary through the first half of the speech until someone got to her and told her to smile. After that she pasted on a phony rictus grin just to prove she wasn’t some kind of vindictive bitch. Too late darlin’, we saw the Michelle we all know before your handlers got to you, and it wasn’t a pretty picture.