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Margaretl is in love with Hillary’s speech! Only the context is different , before the speech and the pony she was bashing Hillary.

Says she now

Holding two opposing thoughts in your mind at the same time is essential to belonging to PUMA. What is PUMA you ask? That shows you don’t watch cable television, where PUMA — Party Unity My Ass — is starring along with sister organizations of the same ilk.

These are women who so love Hillary Clinton that they will abandon her policies to vote for John McCain, who believes in none of them.

Didn’t realize we were starring on cable. I guess, Like Howard Dean, don’t have cable… Why, Margaret, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were…bitter!

So after being a B0bot throughout the primaries, Margaret is finding love for Hillary (or at least her DNC mandated speech). Kinda like Tweety falling in love with Gore when he conceded.

Margaret says something true for a change:

In politics, it’s the person who wins who has to get on his knees

Maybe it’s because Obama never really won that he never found any grace in the “clinching”

He and Margaret and those other media surrogates are still patronize us and telling us to get over it.

A time proven vote getter if I have seen one.

Meanwhile, try to get over our stardom…

Bw-ha-ha! Obots infuriated:

NBC, MSNBC Don’t Give an Eff: They’re Going With the PUMA Story

Of all places! MSNBC!!!!

Even NBC’s political director Chuck Todd spoke out against the station spending all its hard-earned Denver drinking money covering the PUMAs (that’s Party Unity My Ass), the particular anti-Obama group composed mainly of middle-aged white women, who receive a disproportionate amount of coverage based on their small numbers.

But PUMAs are to this week what Michael Phelps was to the last two, and MSNBC/NBC has found their niche in discussing and analyzing the rabid Clinton contingent.

Sure they insult us – but who’s bitter now?

But since PUMAs are the most, uh, colorful turnouts of the event so far, and since nothing actually happens at the national conventions except network in-fighting, you can bet there is going to be a disproportionate amount of coverage on the crazy cat ladies.

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter