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WSJ – Washington Wire reports

Scattered across the convention floor are 600 delegates with small green buttons that say “300” and mean much more. They were distributed today to delegates who signed the petition calling for Hillary Clinton’s name to be put into nomination. They needed 300 names and collected twice that. Barack Obama agreed, and her name will indeed be put forward.

Each delegate who signed received a card with his or her name and what number the person represented on the petition. The cards also included this optimistic message: “…Making what appears to be impossible possible.”

Well, it’s more then optimistic, and we already got farther than anybody thought possible.
Now can we have a real roll call?

Question is: How afraid are you Obama?


From Ricky’s mail:

4. Implications of HRC “releasing” her delegates: Very little.  The Call for the 2008 Democratic National Convention says pledged delegates “shall in all good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them.” So, a delegate pledged to HRC as the result of the number of votes cast for her in the state’s primary caucus or election, is still pledged to use all good conscience to carry out the expressed will of those voters.

Delegates from vote binding states are only obliged under state law to vote for the candidate to whom they are pledged, until that candidate releases them. At this point, then, they are still bound to exercise the good conscience required under the DNC Call.