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Listening to Lady Boomer telling us: Hillary did not release her delegates! Also,  about the new petition the delegates started – for a voting on the floor – 800 signatures needed, 400 in the bag

If you know any delegates – ask them to sign them – tell them the petition is just about representing their voters

There was a Riverdaughter post about the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit – and the color orange is also the Denver PUMA official

Starting to feel better about the speech. Before the show, all I took with me was “Keep Going”

Betty Jean – looking at the faces of Obama supporters in shock – they met Hillary Clinton for the first time

Sheri – only delegates – no Obama supporters in Denver – just PUMAs

Callers say speech sound inaugural, presidential…It was bittersweet….

Personally, I started by being moved – her entrance. i became angry – determined to vote McCain as she went on. I was happy she mentioned women’s rights. And paying homage to Bill Clinton.  I only remember “keep going!” And Bill with tears in his eyes. And Michelle glaring!

Now, listening to others, the anger is going away. The determination stays.


she was herself tonight because she was talking to us, her voters. No teleprompter, from the heart. Brilliant.

However Murphy thinks delegates were  released

Kudos to Betty Jean for her passion and work

If Hillary not nominated, PUMApac will continue to campaign against Obama

Stay off the TV!

Which I will. And sign off.

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