Caroline Kennedy gives an interview to Tom Brokaw about her excellent adventures in picking the man who slandered Anita Hill for VP

The discussion inevitably turns to Hillary and Brokaw is trying to give Caroline an out

MR. BROKAW:  Three weeks ago when I interviewed Senator Obama in London, I asked him about Hillary Clinton as a prospective vice presidential candidate, and he said of course she is.  There’s been a fair amount of confusion since then about whether in fact she was ever taken seriously.  Her people are saying she was never vetted, and now there’s a report today that she says she didn’t want to be vetted unless she was going to be chosen. (IACF)

Caroline wasn’t smart enough to pick the life line but instead went on babbling:

MS. KENNEDY:  Well, I’m not–you know, I don’t know all about that.  But I can tell you she is obviously serious candidate, tremendous groundbreaking figure.  Everybody admires her greatly.  I’m confident, and she’s already been out there campaigning for Senator Obama.  She–he is going to need her in the Senate.  You know, she ran a fantastic campaign.  I’m a huge admirer of hers. So, so I think it will be great all around.

Umm, all right Pollyanna – as long as Obama’s needs are being met, what else can go wrong? I mean, except for the first time in history a negative bump following a VP pick?

Nice job, dear. Go play somewhere else now. Run along.

You can fade in the woodwork now, your family name isn’t useful as this juncture.

Paging Ron Reagan!