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Christian science Monitor has another one of those “it’s up to Hillary to unify the party” screeds

On the bright side , it covers us:

Denver is abuzz this week with die-hard Clinton supporters planning protests, rallies, and celebrations that will culminate with a march on Tuesday, the 88th anniversary of the day the 19th Amendment granted women voting rights.

“Hillary supporters are still very upset with the party, very upset with the media, very upset with the process, to the point where I think millions of them will not vote for Obama in November,” says Darragh Murphy, the founder of PUMA PAC, a pro-Clinton political action committee that claims 10,000 members and is planning a series of events here.

10,000? I am sure we’re more!

And then the old pros & cons for the rill call that Donna started follow:

“Can it heal wounds or will it simply reopen them and allow them to stay raw?” asks Steven Peterson, a political science professor at Penn State Harrisburg. “If there are people who feel extremely upset, they may use [the roll-call vote and protests] as a vehicle for trying to show support for Clinton in ways that might hurt the party.”

Murphy is quotes as saying

The only way the DNC will change is if they lose,” she says. “That’s the only power they’ve left to the voters.”

The other thing I like about the article is the title

Hillary’s clout is key at Democratic Convention

that, and the photo I borrowed for this entry

More writeup from

PUMA’s headquarters was a hub of activity Monday as women checked in to pick up signs, trade hugs and plan for the day’s events: a public rally and an evening candlelight vigil in Clinton’s honour that organizers boasted would be attended by representatives from 49 states.

As a couple of dozen women navigated styrofoam coolers of soft drinks and tables bearing old Hillary campaign buttons and anti-Obama bumper stickers, Marnie Delano, a 50-something communications consultant from New York was giving a primer on the group’s new “incident log,” which the group says is compiling instances of harassment of Clinton supporters and delegates in Denver.

“Several said they are scared. ‘I don’t know what to do; if I vote for Hillary, I’m going to get into trouble.’ That is America?”

The reporter is sharper (or more willing to disclose) than most:

PUMA believes Clinton was robbed of the nomination by party elites who favoured Obama, and who now want to bury the evidence with a four-day convention love-in.

Well said!

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Politico has the last word from Hillary

“I will be telling my delegates that I will vote for Barack Obama,” she said. “How they vote is a more personal decision. They want to have their chance to vote for me. That is what traditionally happens … some people are having to make up their minds because there are arguments pulling them both ways.”

Seems Charlie Rangel was just caught lying

Clinton has asked members of the New York congressional delegation to cast their votes for Obama, not Clinton, on the first ballot during the roll call, said Rep. Charles Rangel, who said Clinton made the request to him directly.

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From the No we Won’t blog radio show

Riverdaughter and Sheri are letting us know about the pressure on the delegates to vote for Obama.

they are also trying to change the order of the states at roll call (not alphabetical) to make sure Bo gets his votes first.

try to call Howard about it:



and from Capital Hill Forum

This just over msnbc. A sprinkler has let go and broken through a skylight in the PEPSI CENTER and is FLOODING the VENUE… NO ONE is RUSHING to turn the sprinkler OFF!

Delagate called in – no evidence Hillary is releasing her delegates.

Lady Boomer told us that the credentials committee meeting was the very people who were the RBC committee – so it was all predetermined

Cindy Sheehan video at recreate 68 protests

…CNN spotlights McCain’s Bartoshevich ad – saying it’s aimed at PUMAs and write a littke about the screening
Sunday evening, a few dozen gathered in a former garage-turned-café a few minutes and light-years away from downtown Denver for the premiere of a new anti-Obama documentary, “The Audacity of Democracy.” Participants included PUMA founder Will Bower – part of a pro-Clinton group that visited McCain headquarters shortly after she conceded in June
FOX is reporting that the DNC’s new deal will allow HRC supporters to vote, but in the end, Obama will be nominated with acclamation by a voice vote.
jives in with earlier report from Snafi on ABC
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Boston Globe writes about us

it’s a delightful reading featuring Riverdaughter and Darragh as well as Elizabeth fro Rise Hillary, Rise

Among them was a dissident Democratic blogger known as Riverdaughter. Her blog, The Confluence, is one of the most well-read and influential of the myriad Clinton blogs. One table actually gave her a round of applause when she came by and introduced herself; a woman cried out that she had quit smoking four years ago and was now addicted to “RD” in the morning.

They capture quite well our state of mind

At once buoyant and infuriated, the women strategized about trying to make as large an impact as possible today. Though they acknowledged the odds seemed long, some held out hope that the convention would turn tail and nominate Clinton after all. Almost half the delegates, they kept reminding each other, supported Clinton.

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From Newsday

We know Charlie was the one who forced Hillary to suspend.

We know he was kicked in the teeth by Obama’s people for his service -when he wanted to speak in Denver:

“We have a wealth of talent within our party and very limited speaking roles.”

And now Charlie tries again. Is it true?

And in another symbolic gesture of support, Clinton has asked members of the New York congressional delegation to cast their votes for Obama, not Clinton, on the first ballot during the roll call, said Rep. Charles Rangel, who said Clinton made the request to him directly.

Problem is, Do you have any credibility left, Charlie?

Other interesting info in the article:

Some Democrats had worried it could turn into a potentially embarrassing show of support for Clinton over Obama, though her decision to release the delegates seems to lessen the chances of that happening.

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