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London Times finds an enjoyable snarky way to deliver the shocking news: B0 is NOT inevitable after all:

Barack Obama’s historic procession to the American presidency has been rudely interrupted. The global healing he promised is in jeopardy. If you’re prone to emotional breakdown, you might want to take a seat before I say this. He might not win.

The usual speculations about “why isn’t he doing better” follows with a vague nod to us

The second problem is that Senator Obama is having difficulty – curiously enough – with Democratic voters. Polls indicate that while Senator McCain has just about locked up the votes of those who supported other Republicans in the primary election, Senator Obama is still regarded with mistrust and dislike by large numbers of Hillary Clinton’s former supporters.

But this paragraph is worth it all:

Somewhere along the way to the Obama presidency, somebody forgot to ask the American people.

And wouldn’t you know it, they insist on looking this gift thoroughbred in the mouth. Who’d have thought it? You present them with the man who deigns to deliver them from their plight and they want to sit around and ask hard questions about who he is and what he believes and where he might actually take the country. The ingrates!

Indeed. They ignored us in the primaries – maybe we get another chance:


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sent by Nili Navot

Paul Begala is giving us a big shout (while walking us back to a PG rating)

“There’s two camps in Hillary land — there’s the peacemakers and the PUMAs — Party Unity My Aunt Fannie,” Begala said. “They’re still not behind Obama. Some of them are stirring up a lot of trouble. I don’t like it. I’m a peace maker. This story empowers the PUMA crowd because they see this, and I do too, as sort of disrespecting Senator Clinton and breaking Senator Obama’s word.

OK, I guess we do agree on the disrespect aspect of it and the empowering part, but that’s pretty much it.

I don’t know what he calls trouble, and there are times in life when peace means abandoning one’s principles.

Also, since Carville is also mentioned in the article here’s a nod to lachattefolle for her excellent comment:

I’ll bet Oblowme has reunified the Carville-Matalin household and both are going to vote for McCain.

Me? I am ecstatic that Hillary won’t be anywhere near the ticket.

I am also happy that people who were considering the unity pony are going to have second thoughts and join us – hence the empowering part. For us it’s a win-win.

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Murphy writes

Hey All — I am in Denver!! Mamapuma is here too!

We have settled in and are about to go pick up the keys to HQ.


I know it too – feel it in my bones! We had created a possibility that has been unfolding for the past 10 days….

Be the change that you want to see in the world…

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When you play with news, you’re likely to become a joke. Or a hoax.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – By the time Barack Obama is ready to announce his vice presidential pick, will anyone believe him?

In recent days, as speculation and anticipation has mounted, so too have phony text messages declaring Obama’s supposed running mate – from Evan Bayh and Hillary Rodham Clinton to Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps.

Glad the first important judgment of a candidate is taken so seriously….Even Harry Potter was launched in a more dignified matter. They only had New York Times breaking the embargo.

In the absence of real information, pranksters have filled the gap with guidance from the website Wonkette – and maybe Howard Stern, too.

And from the Obama camp

“We can assure our supporters these texts did not come from the campaign and their data is secure. Everyone can also rest easy that despite their popularity, Mickey Mouse and Michael Phelps are not on the short list at this time.”

Great! At least “who shot JR?” had a satisfying answer.

For fun

or if you prefer polls, here’s Gallup’s version

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