Actual thread title on Oborg forum I will not name.

Seems unbeknownst to us, even MSNBC is now playing Nader’s tune: B0 can’t win without Hillary on the ticket….Let me make it easier:

He can’t win.

But all this talk drives the Obots that feast on CDS sad – and countdown is now under the bus!

Some of the lines:

I watched Chuck Todd’s lips moving, and realized what he was doing. He was campaigning for them.
No one patted me on the back when Dean lost. He formed DFA and got to work electing down ticket candidates.

Supposedly Hillary has chosen a team of people to keep her supporters…

…from playing kazoos when Barack is talking. Some say Obama moved to the big stadium so that there will be enough of his supporters to drown out her protesters. I hope all goes well.

Going to dust up my kazoo now! To think the stadium was gonna be the open convention! Until it became the ‘for sale” convention.

Some have an inkling of the facts

People are pumping Clinton because Obama looks like he can’t handle the attacks

And this is coming from someone who was NOT a Hillary supporter during the primary. Clinton is fierce, Obama is coming off like a floundering nice guy.
and back to the “mean” media:
CNN all day….Hardball, and now Countdown.
I hate the media and all they stand for. I am tired of this whole stinking primary

Ironic, isn’t it? I recall freepers als thought the media was mistreating Bush.

And now back to the reality

How Barack Obama Could Not Have Won the Democratic Nomination Without ABC, CBS and NBC


Unearthed the source of the kazoo story. Someone else created a fantasy based on Hillary’s conference call. Interesting how no one is reporting on the fact that the delegates are not being released, but the whip teams got a brand new kazoo to them…Oh, well at least they don’t report the opposite on the release like Lynn Sweet.