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Well  the word they use is “harridan” – we’re “Hillary harridans”

A lot of literary insults in this one:

She is Lady Macbeth. She is Jane Eyre‘s deranged pyromaniac Bertha Mason. She is Cruella DeVil and the biblical Lilith. She is Snow White’s wicked stepmother, Miss Havisham, and Emily Bronte’s ghostly Catherine Earnshaw.

Wait! I liked Catherine Earnshaw!

The Taylor Marsh types are twisting themselves in a pretzel trying to show their new loyalty by spewing at us:

It was sexist when Chris Matthews called Clinton a she-devil. But in allowing themselves to be portrayed—over and over—as petulant harridans, unable to “heal” from the wounds of the primaries, these Clinton supporters are embracing the same she-devil stereotypes they once claimed to resent. Today’s PUMA blog hisses “NO MORE MS GOOD GIRLS!!”

I so wish i could  attend your EqualiTea!

Women's Equalitea

But you wouldn’t like my company

I was going to, but ever since Kerry made the remarks about crying in his tea cup for stolen elections, I stopped drinking tea…

Besides I am busy rattling some chains in an attic…Scaring the nice people with memories of voting rights and times when elections weren’t stolen and the majority vote meant something. Ghostly business.


Update with a good rebuttal

Femisex: Got it. We are, by being strong and voicing our objections to sexism and misogyny by the likes of you, are wishing it (sexist tropes) upon ourselves?
NOTE to Missy Dahlia Sweetie Pie with the not-too-bright mind, I must say, I have a little information to share with you.


But as Femisex has pointed out over and over, it is the ALL Male top editors who gave you the voice you scream names at us with!

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Actual thread title on Oborg forum I will not name.

Seems unbeknownst to us, even MSNBC is now playing Nader’s tune: B0 can’t win without Hillary on the ticket….Let me make it easier:

He can’t win.

But all this talk drives the Obots that feast on CDS sad – and countdown is now under the bus!

Some of the lines:

I watched Chuck Todd’s lips moving, and realized what he was doing. He was campaigning for them.
No one patted me on the back when Dean lost. He formed DFA and got to work electing down ticket candidates.

Supposedly Hillary has chosen a team of people to keep her supporters…

…from playing kazoos when Barack is talking. Some say Obama moved to the big stadium so that there will be enough of his supporters to drown out her protesters. I hope all goes well.

Going to dust up my kazoo now! To think the stadium was gonna be the open convention! Until it became the ‘for sale” convention.

Some have an inkling of the facts

People are pumping Clinton because Obama looks like he can’t handle the attacks

And this is coming from someone who was NOT a Hillary supporter during the primary. Clinton is fierce, Obama is coming off like a floundering nice guy.
and back to the “mean” media:
CNN all day….Hardball, and now Countdown.
I hate the media and all they stand for. I am tired of this whole stinking primary

Ironic, isn’t it? I recall freepers als thought the media was mistreating Bush.

And now back to the reality

How Barack Obama Could Not Have Won the Democratic Nomination Without ABC, CBS and NBC


Unearthed the source of the kazoo story. Someone else created a fantasy based on Hillary’s conference call. Interesting how no one is reporting on the fact that the delegates are not being released, but the whip teams got a brand new kazoo to them…Oh, well at least they don’t report the opposite on the release like Lynn Sweet.

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Of all people we asked, who knew it would be NBC who would poll for Hillary?


while Obama leads McCain by three points in the poll, Clinton edges the Republican by six points in a hypothetical match up, 49 to 43 percent.

Then there’s the nod to us:

Obama’s inability to close the deal with some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters. According to the poll, 52 percent of them say they will vote for Obama, but 21 percent are backing McCain, with an additional 27 percent who are undecided or want to vote for someone else.

What’s more, those who backed Clinton in the primaries — but aren’t supporting Obama right now — tend to view McCain in a better light than Obama and have more confidence in McCain’s ability to be commander-in-chief.

Wow! 48% of 18 million! As for the “undecided” – I am one of them. The indecision is limited to “who OTHER THAN Obama” – just to be very clear. Should I vote third party of McCain?

Sure, there’s some patronizing

For these reasons, Hart believes that Clinton’s speech on the Tuesday night of the Democratic convention will be a significant event. “The Democratic convention is more than a coronation,” he says. “It is an event where the words of Hillary Clinton are probably going to be exceptionally important.”

I agree. the words I am waiting for are:

“I accept the nomination”

As a bonus: B0 gets pwned


other significant numbers from that poll

About one in four McCain supporters say they are voting for him only because he is the Republican nominee or that their vote will be a vote against Obama.

Those would be two opposite groups of people in this 25% – and don’t underestimate the enthusiasm of the “nobama”.

More signs B0 should can it with the race card – hear that, Howard?

Though controversies related to race have sparked up throughout the campaign, only eight percent of voters say McCain has brought up the issue unfairly, 12 percent say that about Obama and 11 percent say they both have done so.

and to end on a light – an extremely light note – what they like about their candidate:

As for Obama, voters say they like that he will bring change (10 percent), is inspirational (9 percent), is a good speaker and a fresh face (7 percent each), has integrity (5 percent) and is young and intelligent (4 percent each).


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She passed away this afternoon….


.That day Stephanie told us of the many fights she and Hillary had waged together – the latest being a voting rights bill they were both going to put in the respective House/Senate…

She was one of my heroes the Florida 14 in 2000 – contesting the electoral votes of Florida and also was the  one  who spoke about theft 2004.- she contested the Ohio electoral votes along with sen Barbara Boxer

And here she is, speaking for voter rights slighted by the democratic party…

The ultimate fighter for democracy – fallen in the middle of her fight

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones
found a short clip

MoDo is a travelling circus!

I never thought I’d feel a little sorry for her – and not sure if I do yet….But she’s certainly ready for her close-up!

The drama! The fiends plotting against HER Darcy – oh, the humanity! And she left Jesse for the end – he of the unkindest cut.

There’s a knock on the door. Jesse Jackson sticks his head into the meeting.

“Is it over?” he asks his co-conspirators.

“Yes, he’s over,” they respond in unison.”

Does it mean, it’s only going to be platonic with Darcy? How sad! How romantic! How….

Wait, it’s that what New York Times finds ‘fit to print” these days? because let me tell you, my personal fantasies are way better….

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