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I have been updating my prediction of last month that NY may go red and NY Sun reports now

Poll Shows Obama’s Lead Is Slipping in New York

According to a poll released yesterday, the Democrat leads Senator McCain by 47% to 39%, a healthy advantage that has nevertheless deteriorated significantly over the course of the summer.

Mr. Obama is currently eight points ahead of Mr. McCain in New York, down from a 13-point lead in July and an 18-point lead in June. The chairman of Mr. McCain’s New York campaign, Ed Cox, said that the Republican senator is making gains in the state largely because of his credibility on national security issues.

It may have something to do with B0’s My Pet Goat moment during the attack of Georgia

, but maybe PUMAs spreading flyers all over the place for the past two months have a little contribution.

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No sooner do we get a smidgen of truth, the disinformation brigade is ready to shovel dirt over it. In this case it’s Lynn Sweet’s blog – which I trusted so far

The plan now calls for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to release her delegates next Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. That’s the day after her keynote address before the Democratic National Convention. That means delegates can do what they want during the Thursday roll call. Clinton herself will cast her superdelegate vote for Obama.

Interestingly, she mentions the conference call with the delegates, while contradicting its content. No source for this reversal is even hinted.

Conference call related – roll call, no release of delegates

As the tone of that write-up is snarky – here’s the back-up from Ricky’s newsletter:


Do we want to win or not? That’s the question. For the next week, it is all about November, not Mile High Stadium.

And Hillary IS NOT releasing her delegates!



I have to add: Remember how AO announced she was dropping out – while the Puerto Rico voting was still going on? To depress turnout?

The same disinformation campaign has been going on here to stop our efforts.

I am not sure of Geraldine Ferraro’s motives. But I can safely say:

Shame on you, Gail Collins for writing this:

Hillary, for her part, will not see her historic achievement recorded in the convention records. The details aren’t public, but it seems likely that after her name is put in nomination, even before the first roll call, she’ll release her delegates and urge them to vote for Obama.

Once again, New York Times is full of it – throwing their credibility away to be surrogates for a political campaign.

According to Real Clear Politics map today

Looks like B0 is redrawing the map!

This day in 2004

Kerry 301 Bush 213

Of course, that only covers 50 states. I am sure Obama rules in the other 7 or more.

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LA Times Bloomberg poll shows

race between the two dramatically tightening — into a virtual dead heat, with Obama leading in the head-to-head by only 2 percentage points — but it also identifies a distinct McCain asset: a huge advantage on the question of experience.

. Asked if the Republican had the right experience to be president, 80% said yes (with only 14% saying no).

By contrast, close to a majority — 48% — said Obama lacks the experience for the job (with 44% saying yes).

So what’s Obama to do?

The findings also suggest that to stem the inroads McCain has made against him, Obama needs to change the conversation. After all, it’s not as if he’s going to be able to substantially beef up his resume in the 2 1/2 months until election day.

Oh, having all his family deliver speeches at the convention will surely make us take him seriously!

Patriotism was another defining issue

The new poll found that 84% judged McCain strongly patriotic, while just 55% said that of Obama. Only 9% said they have questions about McCain’s patriotism; 35% expressed doubts about Obama’s.



Seems B0  is doing something about the patriotism gap:

ORLANDO, Fla. – Democrat Barack Obama challenged Republican opponent John McCain on Tuesday to stop questioning his “character and patriotism.

I suppose to not obey would be…racist?

“Let me be clear: I will let no one question my love of this country,” Obama said to applause.

All well and good, but does he know his goons & surrogates in the media are calling McCain a cheater and a liar because of Obama’s poor performnce at the last forum and are going as far as to question McCain POW stories?

People in glass houses…

A wiff of conspiracy and the usual signs of CDS, but the piece hits a few right notes, more than MSM

The fact that millions of Democrat voters were intentionally disenfranchised by their own party in the primaries leaves the chosen one the prime target of too many in-house enemies. And nobody in American politics is better at organizing, mobilizing and exploiting in-house enemies than the Clintons.

Interesting how someone from the right can see what they did in the primaries, but the DNC& media are oblivious. And then more truth:

Barockstar’s off-teleprompter performances consistently make George Bush look like a silver tongued genius. That fact makes even the most ardent Obama supporters second guess their early hypnotic socialist driven lust for the chosen one.

Ship Obama is taking on water faster than the spin machine can bail. The DNC is going to need a new savior by this time next week and guess who is positioned to save the party?

and concludes

The only open question at this point is this; does Hillary have the votes to pull it off?

I wouldn’t lay my money against her!

Well, I wouldn’t want to argue with that.

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