Jerusalem Post is trying to figure out why 0bama makes things up:

One of the knocks on Barack Obama is that his résumé is, so to speak, paper-thin.

Yet, in spite of these prestigious positions, Obama has increasingly resorted to making claims of accomplishment that are so patently inflated that even his cheerleaders at CNN and the New York Times are taking notice. Why?

It seems that Obama recognizes that while his résumé titles are impressive, his actual accomplishments are weak

As Ryan Lizza concluded “he never stayed in any one place enough to make a mark” And Jerusalem Post comes with some examples:

A few examples? Take Obama’s first general election ad. We are told that Obama “passed laws” that “extended healthcare for wounded troops who’d been neglected,” with a citation at the bottom to only one Senate bill: The 2008 Defense Authorization Bill, which passed the Senate by a 91-3 vote. Six Senators did not vote-including Obama. Nor is there evidence that he contributed to its passage in any material way. So, his claim to have “passed laws” amounts to citing a bill that was largely unopposed, that he didn’t vote for, and whose passage he didn’t impact

Of course we can name many more – such as “his banking committee” 

And the ones where he claims to do things that are not even up to him such as “giving Florida and Michigan full delegates representation (not true) or “allowing Hillary’s name to be in nomination” (also not even true).

Expecting for him to take credit for the light of day.