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Obama supporter signing as ‘enthusiast” is anything but in his Mydd post:

Did O’bama outspend O’Cain by $24 million in July?

There’s a mydd diary suggesting that Obama’s campaign spent $57 million, while McCain’s campaign spent $33 million in July, with RNC and DNC both spending equal amounts.

If true, that’s terrible news for us, because it suggests that even if we can massively outspend McCain, we’re still falling behind.

For all the money spent in July, there is no evidence that it had much benefit for Obama.

Hmmm. isn’t that what happened in the primaries? Outspending Hllary 2 to one in states like PA, Ohio, Texas??

Doing the same thing and expecting different results – the Obamacratic way

And we even get a mention or two:

I want some good news.  Can anybody cheer me up?

What the heck is going to turn the situation around?

The DNC Convention?  Ohmygosh – it looks like an exercise in futility, with all kinds of mind games being played by the PUMAs.

I don’t see the convention helping us much at all.

The VP?  Who the heck is going to give Obama a boost?  To me, it looks like Hillary is the only one who can get him out of the jam that she created, but he ain’t gonna pick Hillary, so the PUMAs are going to wreak their revenge.

OK, I am starting to feel for enthusiast. So here’s some good news for ya:

I can very well reassure you that the PUMA revenge will not be exacted for not putting Hillary on the ticket.

That’s all I got.

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