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The fact thet Obama didn’t get away with skipping the rules at the convention brings the old CDS in the media. Just behold this APF title:

Obama’s struggle to exorcise the Clintons

Poor Princess Obama!

Like ghosts at the feast, Hillary and Bill Clinton threaten to project a baleful presence at what is meant to be Barack Obama’s coming-out party as the Democrats’ White House champion.

Oh, the humanity! pea soup on his fluffy new dress!

And here comes Zogby, proving to us how devoid of bias he was throughout the primaries:

“The challenge for Obama lies in not having this convention come to closure with a clear message of unity and enthusiasm,” pollster John Zogby told AFP.

“But it’s not in either Clinton’s best interest to come out of this convention leaving the suggestion that she’s being a spoiler,” he added.

And the new meme is paraded again (her fault she lost!)

And the Democratic platform that is set to be adopted at the convention is expected to include language decrying sexism in US society — even if an Atlantic magazine expose now suggests that Clinton’s loss had more to do with paralyzing infighting among her staff than with any rampant gender bias.

We’re briefly mentioned

So intra-party wounds could still fester, especially given that diehard Clinton supporters plan to rally in Denver to proclaim “Nobama” — unless, of course, he chooses her as his running mate.

Sorry, AFP, there’s no “unless here.

And finally, therein lies the rub:

But unless a deal is done to transfer some of Clinton’s delegates to Obama, the vote will show that the new standard-bearer only earned his position through the intervention of party grandees known as “superdelegates.”

And then, maybe Donna will resign?

Of course Gail Collins is happily bringing the holly water:

Hillary, for her part, will not see her historic achievement recorded in the convention records. The details aren’t public, but it seems likely that after her name is put in nomination, even before the first roll call, she’ll release her delegates and urge them to vote for Obama. Her most ardent supporters will still get to cast their votes for their heroine

See? Demon contained! Women fooled, mission accomplished!

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(or 18 millions of them)

so goes the entry in the WSJ  Poliical Diary

It’s a pretty accurate rendition of the Murphy interview – safe reading for PUMAs! And the introduction becoming a meme

If he can’t face down the Pumas, how will he ever face down Putin? That question may have been in the back of a few Democratic minds last week, but Hillary Clinton’s fans were all smiles over their success in rolling a possible president-to-be before he ever takes office.

It ends with a mention of our DC  conference which seems to have piqued the media’s interest ( Bravo Will!)

Ms. Murphy happily acknowledges hosting “secret” strategy sessions in a northern Virginia hotel last weekend, shielded from infiltrators she calls “Obama Bots.” But she says any protests in Denver are intended to be peaceful. “Who knows what will happen on the convention floor? Many of our members hope there will be a spark of some kind.”

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So reports local news

We’re mentioned

Typically, losing primary candidates release their delegates before the convention, allowing states to cast their votes unanimously for one nominee. But groups of Clinton supporters have sprung up demanding that her delegates be counted officially.

Former Oklahoma Gov. David Walters, who is co-chairman of the convention’s Rules Committee, said he was inundated with calls and e-mails from one such group “clamoring to have her name in nomination.”

as well as qutes about the real nature of this

Ron Dye, a Clinton delegate from Midwest City, said, “Senator Clinton must be included in the roll call vote. Why would you not? She has more popular votes nationwide. Why would you exclude her?”

Why indeed? What is Obama afraid of?

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