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What do you know? The one joint townhall B0 agreed to have is with a pastor.

Not on war, not on economy – but “a spiritual showdown”

With many evangelicals ambivalent at best about John McCain, Barack Obama may be able to gain voters from their ranks

was the media prediction

Oh, goodie! maybe he can quote Reagan to them again:

Barack Obama dusted off a Ronald Reagan line from the past at his recent meeting with religious leaders in Chicago. In a 1980 convention of Evangelical Ministers Reagan once famously said, β€œI know you can’t endorse me, but I endorse you.”

Update – after the show(down)

The kind prediction from the media cheerleaders before the event that B0 may make new recruits amongst the fundies didn’t exactly come true. The reviews, reactions from the audience proved that it was McCain who solidified his base last night while B0 merely provided new fodder for jokes – when answering that “when life begins is above his pay grade”

Also, the man who told Wesley Clark to stay away from Denver said the wisest people in his life are M0. the typical white grandma and …Sam Nunn. And He’d rely on Dick Lugar on foreign policy.Made the audience happy with “marriage is between a man and a woman”

But the funniest moment to me was :

Obama said the most gut-wrenching decision of his life was to vote against the Iraq War.

Earth to Barry: you didn’t. You weren’t in the senate, OK? Stop believing your own press.

The press reactions were: McCain was direct, Bo was nuanced” MSNBC said McCain had the best night ever.

Oborg reactions: “He did great. Besides, no one watches this thing” “it was a trap”complete with illustrations:

and “I was surprised McCain didn’t blow it more”, polls as to weather McCain will get a bump in the polls from this, “media coverage of this is OBSCENE (stunning disrespect for Barack.), “Mccain knew about the questions!!!”*

“He never should have agreed to do this” and “What a shitty night”

*see how the Obama surrogates in the media embraced that one