Gail Collins at NYT is riding the unity pony, We find Hillary’s final delegates count:

And now Hillary Clinton — 1,920 delegates by The Times’ final count. This is an extraordinary breakthrough.

But Gail cannot contain her spiteful glee:

And yet, when the delegates actually call out their votes in Denver, it’s likely that the numbers will look more like Margaret Chase Smith redux.

She doesn’t explain why that is – they make Hillary release her delegates before the vote, while B0’s stay pledged

She acknowledges PUMAs will remain undaunted – we get a new interesting name

Everybody is not going to be appeased. PUMA, or People United Means Action, is an excellent example of the Ossetia branch of the Hillary camp.

you get it? the little resistance that will be bombed by the big guys – long live unity!

Murphy is acrimoniously quoted re: our resolution. But happily the pony will run over us bombing us along the way:

Yes, down in the grass-roots, there are still some sullen stalks. But the vast majority of Hillaryites seem prepared to accept the new accord as an indication that their heroine will get the proper respect. The tanks have turned around.

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