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AnnieNYC out spreading PUMA flyers had a chance encounter with KO

It was a very fruitful exchange proving KO to be the hypocritical  lightweight we knew:

i don’t hate her, i hate her policies and tactics
her policies? Obama is to the right of her!
he’s moving to the middle because he’s trying to win!
the middle?! he agrees with alito and scalia on the death penalty, he actually wants *more* death penalties, what kind of policy is that? Now he’s against affirmative action…
well he’s trying to win
well not only did he vote yay on fisa, but now at&t is sponsoring the convention. that’s ok with you?
well, i was very mad about his vote on fisa.

Really Keith?  You said Bo was “brave”  for doing it

Senator Obama also refusing to cower even to the left on the subject of warrantless wiretapping.

Our PUMA really had Ko on the ropes with lame excuses – this being my favorte:

what about late may axelrod faxing YOUR worst person in the world report on her RFK comments to all the media, really? hillary is the worst person in the world?!
well…that wasn’t a worst person in the world report, it was only 10 minutes, and that’s Axelrod, it’s not him…

Well, then as long as it wasn’t 11 minutes of hate, it’s all right then, right?

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