McCain quipped:

“Taking in my opponent’s performances is a little like watching a big summer blockbuster,” McCain sneers in his weekly radio address, “and an hour in, realizing that all the best scenes were in the trailer you saw last fall.”

In the same vein, an editorial wondered

the Speech can’t be yet another helping of the same frothy, over-the-top rhetorical junk food he has been serving up for eighteen months. The pundits could yawn, the McCain team could chuckle and the voters could well say “It’s that all he’s got?” ………he needs to say something new, non-cloying and substantive that will convince voters he’s more than the self-parody which he’s quickly becoming.

Now the idea gers expounded in The Gailbraith Effect

Galbraith kept on giving brilliant opening lectures the whole semester. But, instead of standing ovations, there were now dwindling numbers of students and some of them got up and walked out in the middle of his lectures.

Galbraith never got beyond the glittering generalities that marked his first lecture. After a while, the students got tired of not getting any real substance.

He compares Obama to him remembering when

There was a veritable media honeymoon for Obama.

There was outrage in the mainstream media when ABC anchor man Charles Gibson asked Obama a serious question about the economic effects of a capital gains tax. Who interrupts honeymooners to talk economics?

The fact that Senator Obama did not have a very coherent answer made things worse– for Charles Gibson. Since Obama can do no wrong in the eyes of many of his supporters, they resented Gibson’s having asked him such a question.

and concludes

The problem with clever people is that they don’t know when to stop being clever– and Senator Obama is a very clever man, perhaps “too clever by half” as the British say. But maybe he can’t keep getting by with glittering generalities, any more than Galbraith could.

Boston Herald lampoons the laughable comments by  Tim Kaine that Obama stopped Russia, by posting the imaginary  Obama letter

It would appear that you are not familiar with my platform for change and hope. War does not fit into this template and I am quite frankly at a loss for words to express my deep, deep distress.

As the chosen leader of a new generation of Americans who speak a global language of peace, hope, harmony and change, this is simply unacceptable. Quite frankly, your actions pose potentially severe, long-term consequences. I’m not sure what those might be, but they won’t be nice or fun.

So, the question is on my people’s mind – how long will B0 get away with solving any problem with “the bestest speech ever”?