I read her last column so you don’t have to. It’s vile as always, accusing her of plotting against her Darcy to steal his birthright to nomination.

But this one I needed to highlight:

Obama also allowed Hillary supporters to insert an absurd statement into the platform suggesting that media sexism spurred her loss and that “demeaning portrayals of women … dampen the dreams of our daughters.” This, even though postmortems, including the new raft of campaign memos leaked by Clintonistas to The Atlantic — another move that undercuts Obama — finger Hillary’s horrendous management skills.

Let’s reiterate that: MoDo resents the fact that her beloved Darcy threw us harpies a bone (harpies = any woman other than MoDo competing for the same pool of men) . She would have preferred the platform to read:

“The Witch is gone – MoDo is our Dorothy fighting for us daily”

Somehow MoDo feels that the disclosed memos that show Hillary took the high road and refused to use the Wright tapes are a justification to believe thet “bitch” and “cunt” and “pimping Chelsea” were normal and deserved comments.

Linking reader’s guide to MoDo

This week Maureen Dowd returned to one her ol’ standbys for her column: “Pride and Prejudice.” That’s right, as you’ve probably guessed, Barack Obama is Mr. Darcy. Just be thankful she didn’t trot out her Tracy and Hepburn references this time. But there were, as always, lots of fun wordplay and alliteration (“Hyde Park hauteur,” “a miasma of ill-founded and mistaken premises”). In other words, another home run for the aging amanuensis of Washington’s conventional wisdom.

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