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WaPo reports

On a conference call Tuesday, a half-dozen anti-abortion pro-Democratic thinkers and religious leaders claimed victory for the party’s new abortion plank, which they said took a big step in their direction by more explicitly stating the party’s support for women who choose to carry their pregnancies to term.

How about those women feeling blue in the third trimester?

Anyway, as long as these gys are happy:

Kmiec, who served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations and surprised fellow Catholic conservatives with his endorsement of Obama last year, urged Republicans to join Democrats in supporting practical means to reduce abortions, and to do more to help parents provide a good life to those who are born.

Chicago politics going national with cash for registrations

Abeles and several friends heard a supervisor instructing volunteers. She says she heard them go through a drill before hitting the streets. It dealt not with raising money but shelling out cash to get people registered to vote.

“She said I’m not really interested in maybe some other time and he said would $10 make a difference?” said Abeles.

Money to register in Virginia may not be a problem but cash for a vote is a serious offense.

“If you tried to influence their vote in any way like if you said register and vote for this particular candidate, now that is illegal,” said Lindburg.

Umm – so getting cash to register in August is no influebce on your vote in November? In what universe?

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To go with my phone call with the DNC

–  the lyrics are way too perfect not to be included – and listening to it is inspiring:

oh we’re not gonna take it
no, we ain’t gonna take it
oh we’re not gonna take it anymorewe’ve got the right to choose and
there ain’t no way we’ll lose it

this is our life, this is our song
we’ll fight the powers that be just
don’t pick our destiny ’cause
you don’t know us, you don’t belong

oh we’re not gonna take it
no, we ain’t gonna take it
oh we’re not gonna take it anymore

oh you’re so condescending
your gall is never ending
we don’t want nothin’, not a thing from you
your life is trite and jaded
boring and confiscated
if that’s your best, your best won’t do

just you try and make us
we’re not gonna take it
come on
no, we ain’t gonna take it
you’re all worthless and weak
we’re not gonna take it anymore
now drop and give me twenty
we’re not gonna take it
a pledge pin
no, we ain’t gonna take it
oh you on your uniform
we’re not gonna take it anymore

and now the music with PUMA video
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I think it was the senatorial committee or something.

Which party?” I asked. The one that took away Hillary’s delegates in Michigan to give them to Obama? That party? the one afraid to let the nomination process go by the rules in Denver? That democratic party?

because that party, I left on May 31. But it’s OK, you have a new shiny base – the young and the democrats for a Day – go ask them for money. I am one of the  white, racist working class ‘old base” that you  you don’t need anymore. So, raise your money without me. because us, we’ll remember in November!

There was no response on the other side. Neither did the called hung up though. I did when I ran out of things to say. What was Hillary’s word? Catarsis? i think I just had a  little one.

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I have been calling Obama Jr.jr as his resemblance to Bush is uncanny. So, it’s refreshing when others notice it too.  Michael Rubin in Richmond Dispatch notices one such important similarity in foreign policy approach:

Obama’s willingness to promise anything replicates Bush. Speaking to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, Obama won rapturous applause when he declared, “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided.” Less than three months later, he told Palestinian officials, again to applause, he welcomed Jerusalem’s division.

Both Bush and Obama sacrifice consistency and credibility for affirmation. The cost of establishing a legacy and political sloganeering can be high.

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