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If only the PUMAS could take note of what the woman they claim to support is asking of them, what her own staff is showing through example, that Clinton’s presidential campaign is over and that getting behind Obama is the best way of showing support for Clinton, not by embarking on a suicide quest.

Not much to it, unless you want to post comments at the article site.

In the same vein, a B0 supporter describes us thusly

“He has a problem with Hillary’s more fanatical women supporters, and this is a way to help with that,” the official said.

“this” being the fact that we get thrown Chelsea introducing Hillary:

An official close to both the Obama and Clinton camps told The News that having Chelsea usher her mother onstage would be another symbolic gesture to Hillary’s female backers, many of whom remain bruised by her loss and still haven’t sworn their allegiance to Obama.

Are you mollified, PUMAs? Ain’t Obama generous to us, fanatics? Come on,

insiders say Barack Obama has signed off on the idea

B0 himself, you fanatics! You are getting this present from the Clincher himself!

Well, if you can take this pablum – from the same author who printed the lie that Hillary doesn’t want to be in nomination – go comment at the article.

Updating with Fineman’s dribble.  A few valid statements

Obama says he wants to use his natural diplomatic skills to bring peace to the planet. But if he expects to be given a crack at it, he must first use those skills inside his own party.


But Mr. Clinton was a popular two-term Democratic president who led in comparatively prosperous and peaceful times.

leading to  the usual disdain:

“It’s not that we’re being dismissed,” she said. “The Obama people are perfectly happy to have our support. But their attitude seems to be, ‘we can win without you.’ And I guess that’s why none of us is going from rah-rah Hillary to rah-rah Obama.”

One disgruntled seaside bundler does not a crisis make.

As for Mrs. Clinton? Well, she got more (registered) Democratic votes in the primaries than Obama.

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pictures, good byes and ten the trek home. More details and photos tonight as I get home.

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Everyone has an opinion, so, here’s my two cents: this is a candidate who ran as himself in 2004 (sponsor IWR and the rest) and as Elisabeth in 2008. The coolest explanation for this woman that I do like is to have taken this situation – the affair -and made him pay by running on HER platform. Considering that the year he admits to the affair is the year he finally “became sorry for voting for IWR – although never for sponsoring it) it would make sense. Besides, it satisfies me on every level.

As for why the media sat on this – Iowa caucus time ? It was ABC – Anyone But Clinton – so he was protected. Iowa might have gone differently otherwise.


No Quarter compiled the ways Edwards helped Obama with his hapless candidacy – all the attacks on Hillary. For this long suffering Clarkie remembering similar underhanded actions back then, this implosion is karma.

I just thought this statement is such a caveat for someone else – it should be spread wider than the gossip:

“I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic.”

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I was posting in a hurry yesterday so, a lot was lost.

On the delegates petition: the DNC rule states that delegates shall vote as to reflect the wishes of the people who voted for them in good conscience and that nobody can force them to change their vote (that means, not Hillary either).

One PUMA here was a Mi delegate who lost his status because of the hijacking of the 4.

We know that there is pressure on delegates and Deborah Bartoshevich s not the only one threatened with removal.  Other such delegate in a similar position may be going to go public is they don’t stop.

One speaker told us that Dean told her: “I know that women are 58% of the party membership and I told Obama that they will be trouble” It was however as a result of the talk to this PUMA  (co-founder of Real Democrats) that Dean started talking about sexism at all – and others picked the meme – limited in scope that it was.

Real Democrats is a fantastic group – their work is different from PUMApac. They don’t overlap. It’s meaningful and well thought, join them!

All in all, everthing we’re doing is pleasing/pissing all the right people – we are having an impact – keep it up. on the delegates petition: “we reached the tipping point”

On Denver PUMA preparations: there will be a PUMA Headquarters withi 2 miles of the convention center – for every PUMA in Denver that week to refresh, recharge, get assistance. There’ll be a PUMA den – which will be our media center. If you go there and blog, e-mail Murphy. Also, everyone going – try having a video camera.

The panel with Riverdaughter, Garry & Mawm was a lot of fun and informative! Alegre was there too! They got everyone engaged and we pooled experience and ways to address transgressions.

The clip from Audacity of democracy was shown – it generated heated discussions – but consensus was reached.

Forgot a big one: Will Bower started a new project: a book. It will contain our material ‘ “Pre-presidential letters of deliberation”. 10% of the proceeds will be sent to the Florida Puma preservation charity.

The website to send them to is

The submissions must precede August 7 in date of actual writing – they have to be genuine letters, comments on forums or blogs. Not blog entries – what he looks for is spontaneity, authenticity. Anything having to do with your experiences, feelings about these primaries. When he reaches 440 – I think – he’ll print the book. You can recommend someone else’s material, but the author must submit it themselves.

A last comment: it amuses us to no end the deprecation of Hillary base of “low information”. I always knew it was ridiculous and propagandistic (if you vote for her you’re a dummie”). But in light of the highly qualified and sophisticated PUMAs we met here, I say to them: “Underestimate us at your own peril”

One more thing: I’ll be adding photos tonight – when I get home. The rental wouldn’t host them 😦

Another thing – in case it didn’t occur to everyone yet: PUMAs are here to stay. No matter what happens in Denver or i November, good or bad, we’ll be the ones to make sure that elections won’t be stolen in the future. By any party. For no candidate.

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