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If you know delegates (pledged) or someone who knows delegates please write at For more info go to

If you talk to delegates, media – 2 points:

why should she NOT be on the ballot?

and what is B0 afraid of?

I’ll have more on this discussion later- gotta run


back in another break

there is another address for this purposes – different group:

The signature gathering is going well – we still need all the help.Whennot writin delegates, write LTTEs. Another point I didn’t add befote:

“party unity can only be achieved with 2 names on the ballot.

This petition is historic – first time ever – although an old rule on the books. The boy candidates – even those with a handful of delegates like dean, never had to “ask” for the nomination ballot” Only girl candidate need to grovel to what should come naturally.

There is a shift in opinion/presentation from the DNC 0 Alice Germond said recently in a radio interview on Sirius that the 2 names ballot was a good thing, So, keep it up – they are changing their tune.

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