Sequel to this

We’ll be starting this day with some honest to God action- flyers distribution- organized by Real democrats Pre-breakfast gathering.

After that, conference activities resume at 11 – with the more pragmatic part of the proceedings. i’ll be back with updates during breaks. But just to reiterate – last night – I felt the earth shake with the power of our statement. We’ll see the ripples in the coming month.


Real Democrats got us some kick-ass flyers and now many Virginians have access to information about Obama not in the media. Flyersing has been a successful, joyous rump! There’ll be more s the group is coming to your state.

    Also, send your stories about your struggles with sexism and unfairness to (to be developed)

I am astounded of the huge base of people almost each PUMA here has behind them (organizes bases) and I am not just talking about Will who is the heart and soul of this event. 

Also remarkable – how well the battleground states are represented here – I feel small with my NY barely relevant vote. These people rock and they take no prisoners!

I am going to meet more PUMAs before the conference starts. More updates later.

Oh, and TW, McCain leads the tracking poll today – leaners version – Rasmunssen