I love City Edition. Some great research there. But I just got from Capital Hill Forum their latest and I am shaking my head. The author seems frustrated because


So why not target those DNC headquarters in Washington and do it today? Between now and the convention, the Obama campaign will consolidate its control over the party organization, and once the Trojan horse gets inside Troy… well, you know the rest of that story.  It’s no secret, many of the nominee’s handlers are Bush Republicans, and these folks will relish a four-day-long, strife-ridden spectacle playing out before an international audience. All that will be left of the Democrats comeback year will be a pile of ashes (and naturally an offsetting number of carbon credits).

I have news for the author. The headquarters are moved to Chicago  officially – early June, in fact, probably since 2004. A Boston tea party in Boondogs central would be a waste of time and the wrong symbol. Calls to DNC by the press are being forwarded to the Obama campaign. For some time now. It’s why the primaries have been a mere formality with a predetermined result. There is no DNC, there’s just the Boys of Brazile. 

Oh, and Women Count Pac had gone Unity Pony for some time now.

So, my advise to the author is this: before criticizing the work of millions of activists, find out what they’re doing and who they are. We get enough disdain from the other side which choses to misunderstand who we are and what we’re about. We don’t need it from the back as well. Especially snark like “so called movement”. Just because you chose to stay on the sidelines throwing fruit at us, doesn’t change who we are. And who we are right now is…busy.

We don’t have time to wait for Hillary. She can unsuspend her campaign. We need to do our part. because ultimately. this is about us, our rights, our democracy, not about the candidates.

So, PUMAs, let’s get to work and let the grumbling to by-standers.