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Real Democrats– absolutelly fantastic idea – Paula Abeles – impressive! You’ll want to be associated with them! Gotta go!

Last update of the day

We had a session on Denver – with Murphy and Maryland PUMA detailing the amazing arrangements they have for PUMAs there.

Absolutely impressive. Bottom line – you just need the will to go, then e-mail Murphy. She’ll make it happen.

We then split i groups and I joined Paula Abeles. More planning with the amazing Real – make sure you’re in this one!

And, I think good night for the day.

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This little gossip item in WaPo

an upcoming piece in the Atlantic Monthly that chronicles the inner workings of the now-defunct campaign. Of particular concern are nearly 200 internal memos that the author, Josh Green, obtained — 130 or so of which he plans to scan in and post online. 

You may want to comment at the article site

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If you know delegates (pledged) or someone who knows delegates please write at For more info go to

If you talk to delegates, media – 2 points:

why should she NOT be on the ballot?

and what is B0 afraid of?

I’ll have more on this discussion later- gotta run


back in another break

there is another address for this purposes – different group:

The signature gathering is going well – we still need all the help.Whennot writin delegates, write LTTEs. Another point I didn’t add befote:

“party unity can only be achieved with 2 names on the ballot.

This petition is historic – first time ever – although an old rule on the books. The boy candidates – even those with a handful of delegates like dean, never had to “ask” for the nomination ballot” Only girl candidate need to grovel to what should come naturally.

There is a shift in opinion/presentation from the DNC 0 Alice Germond said recently in a radio interview on Sirius that the 2 names ballot was a good thing, So, keep it up – they are changing their tune.

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Sequel to this

We’ll be starting this day with some honest to God action- flyers distribution- organized by Real democrats Pre-breakfast gathering.

After that, conference activities resume at 11 – with the more pragmatic part of the proceedings. i’ll be back with updates during breaks. But just to reiterate – last night – I felt the earth shake with the power of our statement. We’ll see the ripples in the coming month.


Real Democrats got us some kick-ass flyers and now many Virginians have access to information about Obama not in the media. Flyersing has been a successful, joyous rump! There’ll be more s the group is coming to your state.

    Also, send your stories about your struggles with sexism and unfairness to (to be developed)

I am astounded of the huge base of people almost each PUMA here has behind them (organizes bases) and I am not just talking about Will who is the heart and soul of this event. 

Also remarkable – how well the battleground states are represented here – I feel small with my NY barely relevant vote. These people rock and they take no prisoners!

I am going to meet more PUMAs before the conference starts. More updates later.

Oh, and TW, McCain leads the tracking poll today – leaners version – Rasmunssen

I love City Edition. Some great research there. But I just got from Capital Hill Forum their latest and I am shaking my head. The author seems frustrated because


So why not target those DNC headquarters in Washington and do it today? Between now and the convention, the Obama campaign will consolidate its control over the party organization, and once the Trojan horse gets inside Troy… well, you know the rest of that story.  It’s no secret, many of the nominee’s handlers are Bush Republicans, and these folks will relish a four-day-long, strife-ridden spectacle playing out before an international audience. All that will be left of the Democrats comeback year will be a pile of ashes (and naturally an offsetting number of carbon credits).

I have news for the author. The headquarters are moved to Chicago  officially – early June, in fact, probably since 2004. A Boston tea party in Boondogs central would be a waste of time and the wrong symbol. Calls to DNC by the press are being forwarded to the Obama campaign. For some time now. It’s why the primaries have been a mere formality with a predetermined result. There is no DNC, there’s just the Boys of Brazile. 

Oh, and Women Count Pac had gone Unity Pony for some time now.

So, my advise to the author is this: before criticizing the work of millions of activists, find out what they’re doing and who they are. We get enough disdain from the other side which choses to misunderstand who we are and what we’re about. We don’t need it from the back as well. Especially snark like “so called movement”. Just because you chose to stay on the sidelines throwing fruit at us, doesn’t change who we are. And who we are right now is…busy.

We don’t have time to wait for Hillary. She can unsuspend her campaign. We need to do our part. because ultimately. this is about us, our rights, our democracy, not about the candidates.

So, PUMAs, let’s get to work and let the grumbling to by-standers.

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