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It’s 1 AM and I’m in my room. My voice is gone 5 PUMAs can talk nonstop for almost 5 hours! More tomorrow.

Tomorrow August 8

Big scbmoozefest with PUMs from all over the country! Mi,Va,Pa,NC -and all names I know on ine.

Sheri Tag says “Hi” to Capital Hill we talk about the discussion of the show and Tellurian’s great post.

Annie1 et al talked most of the night away.

Will is here – we talked about his appearances on Faux.

Registration for the conference is at 10, events kick off at 3 PM. More are expected to come today.

I took photos – will try to download them later today and link here. Now, back to the schmooze!


Andy Martin was here with some copies of his Man Behind the Mask book – got the fist autographed copies,

Sheri Tag shall to a No We Won’t show from her room – Β all PUMAs here will call in – you’ll get Β a sense of what’s like here Β if you tune in – No We

Registration time – we all got shiny name tags with little paws on them and our chosen handle

.Photos may have to Β wait a while – but not too long – another PUMA promised me computer assistance.

2 PM talk show cut short -I am going to check why and join the rest of the PUMAs. The energy is fantastic!


The conference will start soon. We’ll listen to Hillary’s speech first, then proceed.

Murphy arrived – got to meet her.

3 formidble PUMAs from Charlotte Front and center (links to be added later) are here. They are the great PUMAs that confronted Dean. I was happy to hear they did like this blog’s coverage of their protest.

Th atmosphere is electric – with all the rumors going back and forth:Hillary is watched by all pundits and we feel we are at the eye of the storm.

The conference room is ready, A board says: WELCOME

HLLARY, JUST SAY NO DEAL. There’s a PUMA hat on top of it (and a photo of it some time soon)

The time and place feels historic.

Update 6:30 PM

On a break from the workshops. Will spoke, Lady Boomer NYC had a workshop, Robin from Hillary’s grassrots to follow then party. We already know each other much better – and the diversity as well as the unity of intention and passion are awesome. Got to eat fast and go back.

Update 9:30

Workshops for the day concluded. They were spirited and inspired – and we created possibilities tonight.

Feeling empowered and ready for action. Which we’ll take – tomorrow morning. This thing is great! Robin from Hillary’s grassroots is fantastic! After update, party time!

Forgot: there’s a guy with big cameras making a documentary on us – those of us wanting to give interviews, can.

Webster Tarpley is here with two books on B0 .

We were talking about inspiration tonight – how Hillary inspires us – someone said it goes both ways.

I absolutely love the PUMAs I got to meet!

Something important started here tonight.

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