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Breaking News at MSNBC:

“Hillary has given a speech saying she wants
her delegates recongnized and treated with respect. And she wants her
name put in nomination at the convention .”

Not clear if this is some new speecj or MSNBC merely copied it’s “breaking news” from ABC which in turn copied them from PUMA blogs


Fox jumped in this one too with a snappier title

Clinton Leaves Option Open for Convention Floor Vote


Simo Fish video is linked and discussed and Wolfson comments added:

Former Clinton campaign manager and FOX News contributor Howard Wolfson also obliquely acknowledged Thursday that relations between Clinton’s and Obama’s delegates aren’t all roses and sunshine.

“You know the these two people ran against each other for 18 months there were some moments of … friction as you might imagine,” he said, stressing that Clinton is doing her part to contribute to Obama’s election.

“If you have some people that are concerned that they are not getting the respect that they are looking for, that the party not quite yet unified, what is the way to bring those people back into the party to make sure that they are enthusiastically supporting Senator Obama by the time the November election comes around? And one possible way of doing that is to have roll call that has Senator Clinton’s name placed in nomination, that is one option. There are other options and I think that the important thing is that this is going to get decided between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama in a way that I think both can agree unifies the party and bring people together,” he said.

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