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The news is on CNN now

Clinton supporters to stage ’18 Million Voices’ march

A grassroots organization of Hillary Clinton supporters has announced plans to march in Denver on the same day the New York senator is set to address her party’s faithful during the Democratic convention there.

Rocky Mountain news takes notice

Hillary supporters not giving up

Katherine Vincent, a staunch supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, sits on the porch of her Louisville home.

Hillary Clinton supporters will march through Denver during the Democratic National Convention to show appreciation for the New York senator’s historic primary run and urge the party to place her name in nomination.

The city issued a permit Tuesday to Colorado Women Count/Women Vote for a parade on Aug. 26 — the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage and the date Clinton is rumored to be speaking at the DNC.

The group also will team with 18 Million Voices, a national organization of Clinton supporters, for a rally in a yet-to-be-determined Denver park.

And shock of shocks – we’re even called by name!

Nationwide, Clinton’s staunchest supporters refer to themselves as “PUMAs,” short for “Party Unity My A–.”

We are actually being called “passionate” rather than dizzy in the noodle:

Vincent is among those passionate followers who believe Clinton’s delegates have a right to vote for her at the convention.

After listing all the downers and perfuctory spin from Bo people the article ends with the rally organizers’ last word

Vincent is hopeful Clinton’s schedule that day also will include a stop by the rally — which she says will not include any messages that are anti-Obama or pro-John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee.

“We’re keeping it positive,” she said. “It’s a way of saying ‘Thank you Hillary, we appreciate what you’ve done.'”

Yup. Someone needs to celebrate 88 years of suffrage. Even in 2008.

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