Huh? I thought Roe was Obama’s ace in the hole to bring wayward bitter women back into the fold.

I thought the democratic party was pro-choice – isn’t that why NARAL endorsed Obama during the primary (against Hillary?)

Now they send this letter:

The Democratic Party has invited activists across the country to meet and make suggestions about the platform. We cannot take the Democratic Party’s longtime pro-choice position for granted—we need to demonstrate our strength.

Help keep the Democratic Party’s platform strongly pro-choice. Flex the muscle of America’s pro-choice majority by sending your message today!

We cannot take it for granted?

Are they talking about women getting the blues and having abortions to pass the time?

or perhaps Naral just found out about this

Sojourners founder Jim Wallis, have suggested that the party may need to take another crack at tempering its strong platform support for abortion rights by making “abortion reduction … a central Democratic Party plank in this election.” In a recent interview with ABC News, Wallis said he planned to talk to his “good friend” Barack Obama about an abortion reduction plank, and said he had discussed the idea with party chairman Howard Dean and had the support of at least one member of the Platform Committee, the Rev. Tony Campolo. “Abortion reduction should be a central Democratic Party plank in this election,” Wallis told ABC News. “I’ll just say that flat out.”

Should have done their homework BEFORE playing judges in the primaries.

Me? Let Obama Girl worry about her choice rights. I am “an old feminist from the dark ages” and Obama is clueless about this but we women reach an age where  “we no longer are periodically down” so, this is not our worry anymore