Wonders TIME in a long article starting with simo fish videos

“For so many of my supporters, just like so many of Barack’s supporters, this was a first-time investment of heart and soul and money and effort and sleepless nights and miles of travel,” Clinton said. “You just don’t turn it off like that.”

Those comments—now playing in clips on YouTube—speak not only to the bruised feelings of Clinton’s many supporters. Embedded in those remarks, say friends and advisers, are hints of Clinton’s own feelings

after noting that she is doing all she can to helo B0’s campaign, the article insists that

“I’m doing all I know to do,” she insists. But behind the united front, says an adviser, “it’s not a great relationship, and it’s probably not going to become one.” In private conversations, associates say, Clinton remains skeptical that Obama can win in the fall.

Of course, selfish reasons are mentioned. then the fund raising

Clinton is also annoyed that Obama has yet to deliver on his end of an informal bargain, reached as part of their truce, that each would raise $500,000 for the other. “Hillary has done her part in that regard,” says an adviser. “Obama has not.”

and Tumulty shares our opinion that

Clinton has been giving tacit encouragement to suggestions that her name be placed in nomination at the convention,

seeing it as some evil scheme – obviously. Bill is mentioned

Meanwhile, if Hillary Clinton’s feelings are still bruised, her husband’s are positively raw.

The perfunctory pablum about B0 reaching out followed by the conclusion

Will a genuine reconciliation ever occur? Said a longtime Democrat with a foot in both camps: “Yes, but only at the convention.” Democrats worried about unifying the party before November are hoping that’s not too late.


Some day, when the reporters will grow up, they’ll ask: