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belongs to NY Shooter at Talk Left

Having forged a cadre of supporters consisting of uneducated students, guilt ridden faux liberals, understandably proud A.A’s, and fanned the number of Hillary Haters; He then got the endorsements of the biggest group of cynical losers and insiders, each with their own private agenda of how they’re going to use this neophyte, he’s now the prisoner in the prison of his own making
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Finally a respectful informative article about us

Murphy ia amply quoted  – who she is, what we’re about and the responses to our letters are mentioned:

The hostile and sometimes threatening emails these Democrats have received back from DNC officials have been posted at the blog of Puma PAC.

at the reaction from DNC officials. She says, “Sure. That’s why I posted them.” She heard of Democrats receiving such emails from Donna Brazile and others, but she says, “I thought they were hoaxes.” Then she saw them and was stunned. “These were to ‘Evie in Florida’. Voters.” She was taken aback by the tone. She says these “get over it” emails came from people “who were elected.”

Susan Estritch adds to the mix

There are stories kicking around about how African-Americans in at least two states (South Carolina and New York itself) who supported Hillary Clinton ended up with primary opponents in their own races for re-election to punish them for being pro-Clinton. This is not the way to win. There are stories kicking around that the reason (or one of them) that the highly effective Hillraisers are not raising the kind of money for Obama that they raised for Clinton is because they have been told that no matter what they do, they will never be the “equal” of the Obama fundraisers.

Good quotes from many PUMAS are included

Shanon from Maryland, another Puma member who donated to Hillary and voted Democratic in five straight past elections won’t vote for Obama, listing his lack of experience, qualifications and track record among her concerns. She says, “I will vote McCain, third-party, stay home or write Hillary Clinton in. At this point, Ichabod Crane is looking better than the choices I have. But make no mistake, I have a choice.”

Love it! After musing over denver possibilities and aftermath, the article adds a new twist at the end:

And what’s more, should word get out that Obama’s operation bears an uncanny resemblance to heavy-handed Chicago pols and Democratic insiders of years gone by (or to the vindictive Richard Nixon), people might question whether he really represents the coming of the New Politics.

Instead, they might suspect all the talk of inclusiveness, bottom-up organizing and unity is just that — talk. Hillary Clinton had a phrase her supporters no doubt recall: “just words.”

Interesting read.

And for counterpoint – a clueless article

Call it delusional, even fanatical. But a growing Web-based movement of Sen. Hillary Clinton supporters is pressing to have Clinton’s name “placed in nomination” at the Democratic convention in Denver later this month. Some are hoping, as Congressional Quarterly reported, that “if the roll call of the states is conducted, she might—might—still win.”

So, if we’re so delusional, why obsess with us? because as even you admit

However unlikely these groups’ chances for success are, the spectacle of continued party disunity must be rattling the cages of Democratic leaders. That, particularly as Obama’s short-lived bounce in the polls (following his travels to the Middle East and Europe in which he appeared to have appointed himself president) has dwindled to nothing.

Well boys, allow me to correct you: the “spectacle” was the facade of unity. The way they threw their base away in the primaries the dog and pony show was bound to come apart. bad, bad voters – why let the truth show up?

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Obama has an ad

The announcer says, “Every time you fill your tank, the oil companies fill their pockets. Now, Big Oil’s filling John McCain‘s campaign with $2 million in contributions. Because instead of taxing their windfall profits to help drivers, McCain wants to give them another $4 billion in tax breaks. After one president in the pocket of Big Oil, we can’t afford another. Barack Obama — a windfall profits tax on Big Oil to give families a thousand-dollar rebate. A president who’ll stand up for you.”

and McCain has an answer:

“Barack Obama’s latest negative attack ad shows his celebrity is matched only by his hypocrisy, after all it was Sen. Obama, not John McCain, who voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that was a sweetheart deal for oil companies. Also not mentioned is the $400,000 from Big Oil contributors that Barack Obama has already pocketed in this election.”


The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows the race for the White House is tied with Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 44% of the vote. However, when “leaners” are included, it’s McCain 47% and Obama 46%.

Cue in Cannonfire’s graphic:

Even in WaPo some truth is making heaways

Campaign manager David Plouffe was pressed hard during a conference call on Thursday for examples and could not point to any. An inquiry to the Obama campaign later in the day produced no immediate response and later no answer to a direct question asking for evidence to buttress Obama’s suggestion that McCain would try to scare people into not voting for Obama because he’s black.

Officials deny that Obama was suggesting that McCain is racist or running on a racially based message. But they believe the McCain campaign has embraced a low-road strategy and, hoping to contrast themselves with previous Democratic nominees, are prepared to respond to every attack.

And to those interpretations of McCain ads the polls say

Only 22% Say McCain Ad Racist, But Over Half (53%) See Obama Dollar-bill Comment That Way

So Bob Herbert, your descent into ridicule didn’t convince – love this reaction:

Dude, close the laptop, grab your jacket, and procede to the nearest bar. You’ve got some serious internal issues. I suggest you start off with four Martini’s and just keep pounding them till all this blows over. Did you pick up on my subliminal message for you in the previous sentence? That’s right, better bring your credit card…

Personally, my first assumption was that Barack Obama was being associated with two of the most untalented, undeserving, empty-headed media morons to ever gain America’s attention. They make Ed McMahon look like Laurence Olivier by comparison. Not until I read Bob Herbert’s piece did I even consider that “Celebrity” was actually invoking Blazing Saddles. “Hey! Where the white women at?”
I had to have this superb rant!
Update – and change of date – aftershocks:
Sen. Barack Obama conceded Saturday morning that allegations he made that Republicans would try to “scare” voters by raising his appearance and name did allude to race, but he said it was rival John McCain’s campaign that transformed general comments about his unusual biography into a “racially incendiary remark.”
his words:
“I don’t think it’s accurate to say my comments have nothing to do with race,” he told reporters here
and McCain
McCain’s campaign released a statement that said “We’re glad the Obama campaign retracted Barack Obama’s accusation because it was absolutely false, and we’re moving on.
as i predicted, pundits are still acting as Bo surrogates executing his talking points:
As a native of the south, I can tell you, when you see this Charlton Heston ad, ‘The One,’ that’s code for, ‘he’s uppity, he ought to stay in his place.’ Everybody gets that who is from a southern background. We all understand that. When McCain comes out and starts talking about affirmative action, ‘I’m against quotas,’ we get what that’s about.”
Gee, i thought the “fairy tale” code was the most absurd, but the bar keeps being pushed. You pundits keep gabbing because us voters get more and more fed up with your secret codes.
But there’s hope! Jennifer Rubin
When the McCain camp called Barack Obama out for playing the race card, I imagine the Obama camp was stunned. But by the end of the day on Thursday it became apparent that Obama’s gambit was failing, and creating far more problems than the Obama team anticipated.Obama’s Bill Burton tried to take back the race card. (But whoops– not in sufficient time to prevent the New York Times from looking foolish. Yes, yes you have to get up very early in the day to do that.) When The New Republic calls Obama’s move a “blunder” and the Hardball panel unanimously calls out Obama, it’s time to fold your hand.
Every time you bring up race you smear millions. You smeared the last Democratic President with this race crap. It was unforgivable. YOU ARE UNFORGIVEN. You played dirty, rotten scumbag politics with the most painful issue in American history. This makes you a dirty, rotten scumbag.

Stop whining you whiner.

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