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From Ricky’s letter:

Hillary and COUNT EVERY VOTE supporters set up Hillary signs near a Stoctkbridge event featuring Howard Dean.  People honked and were quite supportive.  All in all a lot of people saw us and the signs for Hillary. We accomplished a lot by our quiet diplomacy and exuberance as we waved to all the cars that went by us.  There were a lot of honks and thumbs up and waves. it turned out to be good. People love Hillary and still support her for President.
Looking for any blogs on this to link to

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Mr Bi-partisanship himself leveled this complaint this morning on Faux:

DASCHLE: I mean, there isn’t a thing — I can’t think of a positive thing that John McCain has had to say about Barack Obama for more than two months now.

How dare he? Doesn’t he know he owes B0 his undying admiration? Doesn’t he?


Seems a lawsuit contributed to this magnanimity – it’s dropped now

Florida State Senator Steven Geller is about to drop his lawsuit, Geller v Democratic National Committee, because the Obama campaign has assured him that Obama will ask that the full Florida delegation be seated, with a full vote for each delegate. The lawsuit had been filed on May 22, 2008, in federal court in Miami.

Latest polls say: nope, they don’t buy it

lorida, Three Months Out — Sun Shines on McCain: In an election in critical swing-state Florida for President of the United States today, 08/04/2008, Republican John McCain defeats Democrat Barack Obama, 50% to 44%

Back then, when it counted it was DA RULEZ! Now, his Highness spoketh:

Now that Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for president, he says convention delegates from Florida and Michigan should have full voting rights at the party’s national convention.

Obama’s former Democratic rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had won both primaries. Obama, in a letter Sunday to the party’s credentials committee, says “party unity” calls for the delegates to “participate fully alongside the delegates from the other states and territories.”

So, let me see if I get this right, in B0 language – now that the bithc ain’t a problem anymore, we can throw DA RULEZ away and ride the Unity Pony to Hopey Changey land?

And what about the Michigan delegates? The 4 that were Hillary’s but were given to Obama? What about the rest of them, considering Obama never ran in that states?

As Church Lady woud say:

How Conveeenient!

The whole thing reminds me of the “democracy” in the ol country. On paper, it looked far better than US’s: the vote was general, equal, direct and secret. Everyone voted! There was a holliday on election day – so everyone could get to the polls. There was only one tiny bug in that beautiful ointment: once in the voting booth – you only had one candidate to ‘choose” from.

And B0’s generous flop-flip gives me deja vu on those days.


to add the link Laurie provided – to B0 purging Hillary’sdelegates i Florida

Party unity is on the agenda for Florida Democrats this weekend in Hollywood. But before gathering to sing Kumbaya, they’ll first have some ritual bloodletting and political score-settling to get out of the way.
The Obama campaign wants the changes to reward contributors and loyalists

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Progressive Politics Examiner to their credit brings up the misinformation of NY Daily News in their article stating Hillary doesn’y want the nomination.

We have proved that, but it’s good it gets around.

However, once that done sophistry follows:

But Senator Clinton knows better than most that’s not going to happen for some of her more ardent supporters.  I’ve read comments from PUMA members and watched their videos and it’s just flat out wishful thinking that those folks will have that catharsis and accept any result where Clinton fails to receive the party nomination.

It’s also seems the case that the most fervent PUMA (I suppose that’s redundant) types won’t support any Democratic presidential candidate other than Hillary Clinton.  Democrats are just going to have get used to that fact, and changing platforms and/or VP candidates hoping to win PUMA favor is fruitless.

In other words, there’s no way we’ll please the PUMAs – so let’s screw them and the horse they rode on.

For all that talk of “surge” lately, do they remember the original word for it? It was “escalation”

Go ahead, make our day!

Or in the words of Ghandi – first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.

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