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This is a new article about the earlier developments and has Will’s input in it too

Toni Alves, a Clinton advocate, said she attended a Clinton fundraiser Thursday in Palo Alto, Calif., where the senator indicated she thought her nomination would be good for party unity. Alves told CQ Politics that Clinton said she wanted her supporters to have their voices heard and her delegates to have the chance to vote for her at the convention.

Some Democratic activists are moving ahead with plans to finish gathering delegate signatures for a nominating petition for Clinton. Will Bower, co-founder of the pro-Clinton group PUMA (“Party Unity My Ass”), said the organization has 200 of the 300 delegate signatures necessary to qualify Clinton for the ballot. Party rules stipulate that Clinton would have to sign off on her own nomination.Bower said the Daily News report was an attempt by the media to quash the petition drive. “It’s not true. She wants her name to be placed in nomination but she can’t actively ask for delegates to do it because she has suspended her campaign and that would be campaigning. But we can make sure the petition is in place for her to sign if and when she needs to or wants to at the convention,” he said.

Update: PUMA calls Tom de Frank (author of Daily News article)

I just got off the phone with Thom DeFrank. I started the conversation by asking him to retract his story. He told me that the news came from a person high up in the Clinton campaign, who talks with Hillary on a daily basis. I them told him about the video and he asked me to email it to him and I did.

he answers – highlight:

I believe in the end she’ll have the best of both worlds: she won’t have her name placed in nomination – insulating her from charges that she’s either a sore loser or a spoiler. But she will have the satisfaction of seeing hundreds of her admirers vote for her anyway. Remember, delegates are free to vote for her even if her name isn’t placed in nomination. That formulation is the savvy way to go, and she’s nothing if not savvy.


Someone posted the SF Video at HuffPo with transcript – comments needed

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Maybe he learned from the last one that it will not be put up with

Here’s McCain’s ad

and here’s the response

“It’s downright sad that on a day when we learned that 51,000 Americans lost their jobs, a candidate for the presidency is spending all of his time and the powerful platform he has on these sorts of juvenile antics,” said spokesman Hari Sevugan. “Senator McCain can keep telling everyone how ‘proud’ he is of these political stunts which even his Republican friends and advisors have called ‘childish’, but Barack Obama will continue talking about his plan to jumpstart our economy by giving working families $1,000 of immediate relief.”

Somehow, I think McCain will get a kick out of “juvenile”


Now the racist accusation is withdrawn from the “Celerity” response as well – will B0bots follow?

“Let me be clear. In no way do I think that John McCain’s campaign was being racist. I think they are cynical. I think they want to distract people from talking about the real issues,” Obama said.

I remember seing this movie before…Surrogates will still pound the meme – like they did in the primary. or not?

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This awesome letter has been published in the Entreprise Newspapers and needs to be read in its entirety. Some highlights:

I can only assume that Howard Dean has decided to revisit his humiliating experience with the “Dean Scream,” by “selecting” a nominee that is already seen as a “riskier” candidate in November. Sen. Obama was “selected” by the Rules and By-Laws Committee on May 31, 2008. Party leaders decided it was acceptable to take four delegates, already awarded to Sen. Clinton, and give them to Sen. Obama.

If we are to preserve Democracy as we know it, we must all stand up to Howard Dean and the DNC. We must demand that all voters be heard, and that “we the people” elect the next President of the United States.

Just amazing! I am so  proud!

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.Rasmunssen still shows a bit of a difference

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama attracting 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 43%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 47% and McCain 46%.

A bit of history is offered:

our years ago today, John Kerry led George W. Bush by four points (49% to 45%) and by five with leaners (51% to 46%). That matched his best day ever and was the last time he enjoyed such a sizable lead. At this point four years ago, the Democratic National Convention had already been held.

Interesting. Go on vacation, B0, the numbers will take care of themselves!

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