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I couldn’t bear to alter this beautiful title of the John Batchelor entry nor skip the beginning:

Speaking Sunday August 3 of the PUMAs, the mystery club of the Election of 2008, who have constructed a political phenomenon from a strange defeat. PUMA is the spontaneous invention of Hillary Clinton supporters who, in response to various calls by Democratic bigwigs such as Howard Dean for party unity, replied, “Party unity my a–.” Hence the PUMA icon of a feral, cunning cat in the wild is the accident of an acronym that now feels as if it was fate.

The rest of the entry is just as good. He even links to the SDs for sale video.  So, this is a Sunday show I want to listen to

The John Batchelor show can be heard in New York on Sunday nights on WABC-AM 770 from 7-10PM Eastern Time, in Washington D.C. on WMAL-AM from 7-9PM Eastern Time, in San Francisco on KSFO-AM from 7-10PM Pacific Time, and in Los Angeles on KFI-AM 640 from 7-10PM Pacific Time.

You can submit questions on the show, or in the meanwhile, at his blog

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter