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It didn’t all go according to plan – as I didn’t hook up with the others. So I found myself all alone with my big sign on a stick which said on one side SELECTED NOT ELECTED


and on the other (I thought my sign made an ironic companion to the big “VOTE” sign on that building)
I went to the MTV building where a crowd was filling the sidewalk and a bus marked TRL was parked alongside. it had been reported Pelosi would go on that show to hawk her book.
The crowd went wild a few times – and I realized it was just becoming a prop for the crowd shots they insert in the show.
I stick my sign in the camera field a few times. Some of the kids in the crowd asked me:
“What does it mean?”
“The election was fixed” I said.
“You are racist” someone shouted.
Mission accomplished. I have elicited the catch all, ultimate response.
I then went to Union Square where more PUMAS were giving away flyers. Didn’t find each other but I did my part for visibility holding my sign up.
more on that from those who were there
I had brought some signs and fliers as well. At some point we asked a woman “are you a Hillary supporter?” her eyes lit up and she said YES. After a couple of words she literally ran into our arms and hugged us. She said how f’d up she thinks the whole thing was and is and wanted to know what she could do. She was so happy that there were other people who felt like she did.
And from another account in Union Square
We were a bit
timid at first until we “found our voice”.  We engaged quite a few passersby
and had some wonderful conversations and even met another Hillary supporter
who was walking with a home-made  “Hillary for Pres sign.  So we joined
ranks and even directed him to JSND site.
puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter