More insulting from this other article: HILLARY AGREES TO DENVER KEYNOTE generated by a BO aide snd full od “niah-nah – she is not VP” such as this

Koch added that Obama’s vice presidential nominee – whomever that turns out to be – will likely speak Monday and Wednesday evening as part of the traditional build-up to Obama accepting the nomination on Thursday night.

It doesn’t look like a nomination vote is in the works, does it? and

is a fitting consolation prize that should help to heal remaining tensions within the party, some said.”


Such is the big scoop The NY daily News is breaking:

WASHINGTONBarack Obama is offering Hillary Clinton a prime-time speaking slot the second night of the Democratic National Convention, her ex-campaign boss said Monday.

In case it didn’t jump at you

Barack Obama is offering

There is no longer a Democratic party. There’s Obama, offering slots and interviews and copies of his prayers. And of course, allowing the sun to rise.

The question arises: what will it take for him to allow ME to speak – should this power get into his eager hands?