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For those of you who missed it, this is an account of what went on the No we Won’t Sunday’s show:

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Will’s news: the most important item: we need to inform Hillary’s delegates about the need of a petition signed by 300 of them to put her into nomination. Those of you knowing delegates, please get in touch with Michelle – Mathomas@dova.net.

He also urged us to to contribute help Cindy Sheehan in her effort to unseat Pelosi – money, signatures.

Announced Dean’s meeting with PUMAs in NC

And asked everyone to visit JSND site to read the press release on B0 trip.

For any other info on these news, write Will at media@puma08.com

I had promised myself that the moment I hear the little hoofs of the Unity Pony Posted Image, I’ll turn off. I did – but curiosity made me return.

Lanny went out of his way to declare his respect for us, PUMAs, but wanted it made clear that he now supports Obama. For the good of the country – and he was “impressed with him lately”.

When presssed for details, he couldn’t elaborate on what exactly impressed him.

When Sheri explained to him what motivates us PUMAs – he started fudging the facts about the fix.

When he got to “Fla and Mi did it to themselves, I turned off.

I was glad I came back – because Will – bless his soul had jumped in and firmly but gently reminded Lanni how it went on , the selective waivers and the breaking of the promises by New Hampshire than led to other states changing their dates as well.

Lani made me hit the ceiling with his meek hope that Obama might come to decide to make Hillary VP.(if only they would see how wonderful she is)

The chat  lit up with NO VP!!!!!! in all colors from everyone there.

he only agreed with us on the anti-democratic character of caucuses and said the DNC Convention has some commission that my decide to change that for the future.

Also, more significantly, he agreed that the leadership of the party was at fault here.

Will rightly said that once we accept the results of this flawed process, we legitimize it.

Mary Lou, a caller that Lanny knew got through and  further confronted him with unacceptable behavior from Obama and acolytes.

The most shocking thing I heard from Lanny was his “admiration for Obama for standing up to his base on FISA” Huh? This guy who calls himself a liberal democrat – “probably more liberal than Hillary” is hailing Obama’s vote on FISA?

What was so great about “standing up to his base – on the one issue his base was tight about?

And does Lanny know that Hillary voted AGAINST it?

I wanted to have an inside into people who compromise their principles and i got it. You rationalize it – for the good of the people” and every proof to the contrary is then dismissed as insignificant.

The Kennedy/Carter was discussed – Lanny having worked for Kennedy at the time. he said that Carter refused to shake Kennedy’s hand at the convention. And the result of all this was those horrible years of Reagan.

Glad Will jumped in on this one with “who knows if Reagan wouldn’t have won anyway” and the difference between the two situations where Kennedy was behind Carter hundreds of delegations and was still read into nomination, while here the difference is in tens with the popular vote going to Hillary.

Still, Lanny wants a “nomination by acclamation”

Eventually he disappeared suddenly after taking one call…he did call Will saying it was a glitch and sending us his respect and desire to stick together…For what, Lanny? For the acclamation?

The evening got better with Ricky Lieberman “the mother den of the New York volunteers as Jon called her.

Harriet called as well and it was great hearing those two interact.

And I loved what a third caller, Mathew brought up: that the abuse of the supporters of other candidates was directed by the campaign and it’s a sign of things to com and a reason to not want these people in power.

I loved what Ricky had to say: right now, we focus on getting her nominated. When people ask me: “so who are you going to vote for?” I say “Hillary- the nomination process isn’t over”

I had practiced this response on the street when standing with PUMA/JSND signs – and it works. people ask me with a smirk and leave wondering after my answer. So, I highly recommend it.

In conclusion, I think this show is a must listen for PUMAs (you can hear it here if you missed it)

You may grit your teeth over some of Lanny’s words, but Sherri, Will and Mary Lou will make you proud to be a PUMA – they pretty much brought up all the things i wanted him to hear.

And then part two is pure delight.

Updating this  with Riverdaughter’s entry of the meaning of this visit

and  one of the most uplifting comments there from Gary Chapel Hill

“I haven’t listened yet, but from reading comments..I don’t think Lanny said that Hillary wanted us to “cut it out”….and he’s probably one of the closest people too her.”

True, Garry – I listened and he only said we should stick together.

There, i got my  optimistic finale I was looking for!

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter