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Ed Rendell delivers yet another bark at us

On winning over Hillary supporters: Part of the job of Obama’s volunteers will be outreach to disappointed former Hillary Clinton supporters, who carried Clinton to a nine point walloping of Obama during the bitterly fought Pennsylvania primary. Rendell, formerly an influential cheerleader for Team Hillary, is optimistic that the holdovers will be converted with the help of Obama’s widely dispatched foot soldiers.

“Not all of us are there yet,” Rendell acknowledged. “But 90 percent of us are there, and we’re getting more and more enthusiastic every day about Sen. Obama.”

Of course you are, dear. 90%. That’s why Obama can’t reach 50% support in Pennsylvania…He’s barely at 47%

Maybe Rendell – and those Obama  foot soldiers will remember what they were doing a few months ago:

“We give them two forms – one to change their registration now for the primary and one so they can switch back later,”

Could it be that Obama’s base, the rented republicans used the second set of forms already and went home?

Or….coul’d it be….

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter